Hrithik-Kangana: Let them sort their own mess

While it has hardly been a week since we rejoiced our newly enforced Right to Privacy, people already seem to be forgetting the meaning of the word. 


Celebrity scandals have always been the best topics for gossip and speculation, for nobody can make heads or tails of the story, but the opinions and views always come in millions. However, people need to realise that they’re fundamentally nothing different from us and their privacy needs to be respected much like ours.  


The ongoing Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut controversy regarding their alleged relationship has seen fans and followers bash and drag their talent, work and even families through the mud just to show their support. Nobody knows the truth. Nobody knows them, either. So the assumptions being passed off as concrete judgements need to stop. 


It is clear that both parties have something to hide. Neither of their allegations or stories about each other seems credible. The email exchanges that were revealed to the media as proof also look fabricated. Hrithik’s claim that Kangana suffers from hallucinations regarding relationships because of Asperger’s syndrome is both baseless and wrong and disrespectful towards actual people with such disorders. Meanwhile, Kangana’s claim of getting engaged to him in 2014 in Paris seems equally baseless. Her reluctance to provide any photographs or material proof of their relationship also makes one question how true her claims are. 


No matter whose side you pick, neither seems to be winning. There’s no way you could know the truth. It was a private affair that only got limelight because of the stardom of both the actors and their decision to take this tiff to a civil court. 


It all started when Kangana addressed an unnamed co-star as ‘a silly ex’ trying to catch attention. Hrithik jumped the gun and filed a defamation suit against her, demanding a public apology for calling him a silly ex, warning that he would release the emails of their private correspondence to the press. Thus, a break-up or lover’s quarrel became a “public show of washing dirty linen”, like singer Sona Mohapatra referred to the issue as, in her recent open letter. 


It is said that Hrithik has been using his contacts, seniority and star power to turn the tables in his favour. Kangana has accused that a certain women’s organisation turned her away stating that they did not want to spoil their relations with the Roshan family. It was also reported that Hrithik was miffed with certain acquaintances that came out in Kangana’s support.  

On the other hand, the issue that has been going on for a long while, coming back in trend right on the eve of Kangana’s new film release also makes one wonder if all this is one huge publicity stunt. If that is the case, then kudos to the PR team because the audience is a sucker for such drama and is completely buying into this gimmick. 


Kangana has also been accused of misusing her popularity and her flair for being unconventional, as a means to propagate lies about Hrithik. Her candour and bluntness have always been lauded, but it has come to a point where it is questionable whether she is starting to use her reputation for honesty to sell her allegations as truth. Her upcoming film Simran’s writer, Apurva Asrani, had recently called out the wave of “pseudo feminists” who blindly extend support to any woman who is questioning authority or doing something different, without knowing the implications of the said woman’s actions. 


No matter how escalated this controversy becomes, in the end, it is still a personal conflict between two individuals and their personal relationship, their fame or social status not withstanding. There are severe issues that deserve more time and coverage than this one does, issues where your voice and opinions matter, where it could actually bring a change or result in an outcome. Commenting about Kangana’s character or Hrithik’s family is not how you show your support for the other. This isn’t a battle for the people to fight. There are many more battles that require people’s attention and assistance. Pick one of them. 


These people are celebrities; they don’t have a choice to keep everything under wraps. Just because they are famous and their lives are under constant scrutiny doesn’t mean they are asking for your advice regarding their break ups or catfights. 


And while we are at it, let’s learn to respect others privacy and personal lives, and try our best to keep it the way it is supposed to be: private. 

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