Humanity defeated – Bullying or not? Noida school boy left hearing impaired after being slapped for a video.

A few teenage boys living their life to the fullest, playing bets and enjoying as someone else suffers, was accepted by a school as it gave minimal punishment to those boys who imprinted a scar of a lifetime on another student and denied it to be a bullying incident.

Four 10th standard boys at Pathways School, Noida slapped another student for a Snapchat story, which later went viral on WhatsApp and reached the parents and the authorities. The boy who was slapped was not just petrified, but his hearing was found to be impaired by 25% in the left ear.

“This was a rather unfortunate incident but not a bullying incident. It was an outcome of a consensual peer ‘slap-bet’ episode that a few Pathways School, Noida students had among themselves.” said the school management.

                                                                                            Pathways School, Noida

This horrific incident took place on September 4th and since then the victim had not been to school. According to a Facebook post shared by Shivani Dogra Bahri (the victim’s aunt), the boy is traumatised, scared and may have to find a new school.


Posted by Shivani Dogra Bahri on Thursday, September 7, 2017

The 16-year-old boy who slapped him was suspended by the school two days later and the two boys filming the video were suspended for two weeks. Victims’ parents and relatives raise the question if this punishment is enough. The very fact that the school is not accepting this incident to be ‘bullying’ is appalling the victim’s family and many people coming across the video. One of the parents of the children who inflicted the damage called it a “stunt” for attention as if the entire situation was not appalling enough.

It’s a disturbing reminder of how young boys can do monstrous things under peer pressure to look superior. A school is supposed to teach its children moral values, but the question is, do schools care? Completing the curriculum and getting marks is not what education is all about. Education is supposed to mould a child into not just a skilled but a better human being, but all humanity seems to be lost here. If causing pain and suffering to someone only for fun and attention is not bullying, then what is?

Experiences of early years can shape a person’s personality, and mental traumas can shatter a person’s confidence. Teenagers think they have grown up but their minds and personalities are still susceptible.

Elite schools try to maintain their image, but it is more important to make sure that such incidents are not repeated by taking right actions as it not just sets an example for students but can save lives of kids who get bullied because even the simplest of bullying can end up scarring them for life.

Parents and teachers need to keep children in check as kids are now very exposed to media and technology which can also expose them to things which may wrongly influence them such as wanting to gain fame over social media by wrong means, in this instance, Snapchat. It’s the job of the elders to impart values to their children and teach them to judge between black and white, fun and bullying and ultimately between the right and the wrong.

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