In talk with Jasleen Kaur, who helps you to get the body and health of your dreams!

As we become busier with everyday life, it becomes more and more difficult to watch our health. Because of the easy and tasty food options available, children and adults alike opt for unhealthy food options. We either don’t have time to work out or fall prey to satisfy our taste buds, the excuses are numerous. But in the end, it is our body which has to pay. We become victims of diseases, gain weight, lose confidence. It takes a toll on our entire life.

We spoke to health Nutritionist and Dietician, Founder and Mentor of Just Diet Clinic, Jasleen Kaur, who believes a good lifestyle and eating habits are essentials to look healthy.

What are the common issues that clients come to you with?

Clients usually come to us with targets to lose weight quickly. For example, women looking to shed for a wedding that they have to attend. There are a lot of clients coming in who are suffering from thyroid and teenage girls with PCOD.

 Why is it so essential to have a good dietary plan and be disciplined regarding the same?

Dietician Jasleen kaur

It’s important to have a good dietary plan and be disciplined towards it for quite a few reasons. It’s good even if you work a little towards your goal. Something is better than nothing. 50% of the people that are conscious of their health, know that a good diet is important. According to a survey done in 2008 by WHO, 1.8 million people have diabetes. Obesity is itself a disease, which leads to diabetes and PCOD. People nowadays also suffer from insulin resistance. Because of so many health risks, it is definitely important to be disciplined towards a good dietary plan.

 How long have you been in the nutrition industry, and how has the experience been?

It’s been 4 years now. It has been an amazing experience. I have great clients. I have also helped one to lose 10kgs in a month! It feels good.

 Can you narrate one of the toughest experiences you had with a client?

Yes, so this happened recently. A client wanted a diet plan but it had to be according to her own lifestyle. She didn’t want to give up eating junk food! Needless to say, I couldn’t help her in that way. We give a dietary plan according to the daily routine. It’s okay to cheat once in a while but there has to be a lifestyle change. It cannot remain the same. Diet should be simple, it is a lifelong commitment.

What do you think is the definition of a perfect body or perfect health conditions?

A body is either a pear shaped body or apple shaped. When someone has a pear shaped body, the target areas should be worked on by strength training. This can help in attaining the perfect body.

I wouldn’t call perfect health conditions to be merely the absence of diseases, but a combination of social, mental and physical stability.

 When do you think is a right time for anyone to consult a nutritionist?

I have clients from all age groups. There was a 10-year-old boy suffering from obesity, there are 60-year-old women with arthritis. There is no prescribed age to consult a nutritionist. I recommend people not to wait for the last stage. If their eating pattern is not good, they should not wait. In my opinion, moms play a big role in this area. If she is healthy, she will be conscious that the entire family remains healthy.

How do you use social media, like Facebook, to your advantage, being a nutritionist?

We have out Facebook page where you can find before and after images of the client. You can see happy clients who have lost an inch on the waist or on their arms. We have screenshots posted too. The page is helpful in educating people and motivating them about the same.

What are some tips you’d give our readers at FT Broadcast?

It’s important to eat, drink and feel healthy. It’s okay to have a cheat day. There are so many cafes in Delhi now which offer healthy options too. You can order a pizza with more paneer or chicken than just merely a cheese pizza. The taste and baking are the same, but the nutritional value is more. That is all that makes a difference.

Jasleen is helping people realise the importance of good health and helping them attain it. It is extremely crucial that we respect our body and make necessary lifestyle changes. In order to enjoy life, we need to have good health. Undoubtedly, we should always remember and never forget, that Health is Wealth.

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