In which way our earth looks colorful?

The earth we live in, is covered with colorful blankets. Greenery is spread all over the world, the red roses, green leaves, blue skies, white clouds, golden sunrise and sunset, colorful birds give us complete bliss and makes our world an utopia to live in. Green-collared people are strolling all around the world but, when we dig the dirt, something unusual can be found out. Our eyes not only hail the beauty of these colors, but also the beast lurking behind it.


The word ‘color’ takes a completely different shape when it reaches out to eyes and ears. Instead of differentiating the colors, we started  discriminating people based on their skin color. Our eyes fail to penetrate the color of the skin standing in front of us thus failing to cherish those beautiful hearts lying inside. This makes us judge them even before knowing them. There is a common misconception among us as we treat our dark-skinned compatriots as invaders from another galaxy. ‘The black color alone is considered as a bad omen, not the people.’

“Race is only skin deep. It should not affect who we view as entitled to respect”

We often forget that color, is a feeling that has to be felt. Color cannot be enjoyed by looking at it. Feelings like happiness, sorrow, emotions should come from inside, not from outside. A book cannot be judged by its cover, likewise it is a fool’s job to judge a person by their color. We are all born in the same color. The red-colored blood strain in our body when we were born, is our true color and true identity, our body is made up of the same number of bones and muscles irrespective of our skin color. Color is something which gets faded as time flies. People who see only the color of the skin, are actually ‘seeing pink elephants.’ It is the dirty hands of a goldsmith that turns a black rock into  glittering gold.

Racism is a sin practiced by transgressors who violate the law of life. If black is a sin, their mother’s womb wouldn’t have allowed them to stay inside. If black is wrong, nights were not supposed to be witnessed. If black is superstition, the world wouldn’t have found a Nelson Mandela and a Mahatma Gandhi. The color in which we are born is in no way related to what we do and what we achieve. A winner is always a winner irrespective of their skin color.

Black is considered as ‘the mother of all colors’. Only a pure heart can look beyond the skin color and admire a person. The children of our era must be taught to look with their hearts, not with their eyes. A color is not born, it is created by artists to add beauty.

We, humans are born beautiful, thus color is something we don’t need to look gorgeous to the eyes of others. Beauty lies in our heart, not in our skin. We, the people make the earth look more colorful than ever.

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