India, an underdeveloped country now and then, but shall we accept it forever too?

India has successfully topped the list of developed countries after hard struggle. India has become the most powerful country and produced more scientists, entrepreneurs and doctors than any other country in the past five years. India came out as the winner in the Olympics gold medal list. UNO has certified India as a bribe-free country. The World Health Organisation awarded India as the most hygienic country. These news headlines are still a dream to come true for us. Though some politicians claim that India has become a developed country our country still remains in the pool of under developed country. But, what is the reason behind this?

“Will vision 2020 become MISSION 2020?”

Tamil Nadu, termed as the goddess state of India, is one of the most beautiful places in the country. But it also happens to be victim of all the diseases named in the medical history book. One such cruel disease haunting the state at present is dengue. It has already claimed more than 10 lives, including 5 children below the age of five. One such child named Sarvin of age just six-months from Belukuruchi was affected by dengue. He was admitted in a PRIVATE hospital where the hospital authorities asked the parents of the child to pay Rs 4000 per day in order to treat the child.

“Health isn’t considered as wealth anymore.”

Patients at a Government hospital

Periyasami and Anbukodi, the parents of the child were worried about their child’s condition but that notice from the hospital asking 4000 rupees per day overshadowed it. Periyasami tried his best to convince Anbukodi that their son will be alright. But they were unable to pay the hospital bill. Sarvin was with Anbukodi when Periyasami had fallen asleep at But when he woke up around he couldn’t find his wife and son. On investigating it was found that Anbukodi along with Sarvin jumped into a well. What made the couple admit their son in a private hospital instead a government hospital? In spite of knowing that they can’t afford to pay the hospital bill, they took the risk of admitting in a private hospital. But, why didn’t they take the same risk by going to a government hospital?

Will any of the political leaders walk into a government hospital for treatment? We have seen no such politicians being admitted in a government hospital. We can come to an assumption about the condition of government hospitals from this case. What makes the government proudly say that INDIA is a developed country if it cannot save the life of a toddler? What is the purpose of paying taxes if we cannot walk into a government hospital with the hope of getting cured? What is the future of India if this continues? India is not what we think. The truth behind the death of this kid is not poverty. We all know what stands behind as the reason. The government has no rights to state INDIA IS A DEVELOPED COUNTRY. Let’s wake up and bring up a change in the country.

“She didn’t jump into the well. The government pushed her.”

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