Innovative snacks to hack the hostel life!

crunchy flakes with blueberries and various yogurts for healthy breakfast

They say that college life will change your perspective about the world and you will learn many new things. And truth be told, you definitely learn novel things.  In a checklist of feelings about hostel life, the first tick is for feeling hungry, all the time. But unfortunately, the food in the PGs and Hostels is just boring and plain and unavailable at odd times. So, we bring you some essential food hacks to make do with the hostel food by using some innovative ideas. Also, don’t forget that health is the most important factor here, so these hacks won’t send you barreling down to the hospital!

Liquids are your secret weapon

Drinking liquids keeps the body hydrated, energetic and fresh.

It turns out all that mumbo-jumbo about 60% of our body is made up of water is actually true. Oh well, one thing is for sure, if you want to be hydrated and healthy, you need to keep up the fluid intake. Also, you’ll die without water which is enough reason to drink it. And no, not just water but liquids like fruit juices and milkshakes are also needed. We have heard about the importance of milk since childhood and indeed, milk is a powerful food weapon to defeat that pesky hunger. Further, drinking juices regularly is a good source of nutrition. Then again, we all want a flawless skin right? The skin contains 64% water and thus we need to drink at least 4-5 liters of water every day. Although, beware of the aerated drinks. They might taste better but they do more bad than good.

Now, want some fun facts? Water can also help you reduce weight, flush out toxins from your body and increase the oxygen supply to your brain. Fresh juices are liquid super foods that are rich in nutrition and flavor. Fresh fruits contain glutathione, a small protein composed of three amino acids, which aids our bodies in the detoxification of things like lead and pesticides. There are plenty of fresh juice stalls everywhere, so just take your pick and keep drinking. Stock on glucose powder packets like Glucon-D. When you feel down, the intake of this can boost your energy and refresh you instantly.

Grab some of those health boosters!

 Fruit salads, cereals, oats and dry fruits are a nutritious option.

The rule you should abide by when you live in hostels- choose the best and leave the rest. Hostels usually give us the same old rice, daal, and sabzi, but we can choose the best of these too. Instead of skipping the whole platter, we can just choose daal and rice and eat it with some homemade achaar! Not only this, a good way to start your day is with cereals and milk. Now to make it more interesting, you can add fruits and nuts to it too. Oats and cornflakes have the benefit of no-cooking; we just need to add some hot milk and eat till we’re full. These will keep you hunger-free for large periods of time.

Dry fruits like almond, cashew, raisin, apricots, dates, and figs retain higher nutritional value than fresh fruits. Moreover, these are easily available and can be stored in the regular airtight containers for a long time. Dry fruits are highly recommended for youngsters or bachelors studying in a college or institute due to the former’s ability to boost up the mind and energy levels. They also prevent your body from health hazards. So, hurry and get some of those crunchy cashews and almonds to chew on! Lastly, do not forget that “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Fruits should always be a part of your diet. Thus, it’s time to welcome those bananas, oranges, and grapes, and make them a part of your routine!

Stock up your larder with your own versions of delicacies!   

Your mind is really crafty when you get hungry, and all of these innovative food items are a product of that desperation.

 One bowl of Maggie, one fork, and several empty tummies. Every hostler has a similar story to tell, but fear not! Basically, every boring food item can be made tasty if we know what to do. One of the most famous go-to snacks is Maggie, but wait just yet because we have more. Did you know that basic food like idlis can also taste good? Well, all you have to do is cover the idlis with a layer of the Nutella chocolate spread and voila! Another tummy filling snack is the aloo bhujiya sandwich. But beware! Too much of that bhujiya isn’t good. Only sometimes is it good to let your taste buds have some fun. At those times, whip up a perfectly good sandwich with some multi-grain bread and aloo bhujiya, with a tinge of ketchup in the middle.

Did you know that baby food like cerelac is perfectly healthy and fills you up nice and proper? All you have to do is get some of that cerelac and milk whenever the dinner seems like the least appealing option. In case of cravings of some desert, you can always make some biscuit cakes. Spread a little jam on the biscuits and behold, the desert is ready! You can also stock up on some sugar and ghee/butter, add it up to a steaming pile of rice and consume it. This way, you get some of those grains of nutrition as well. Lastly, never forget to keep your stock updated. Your food collection will be more useful to you than your shoe collection, so keep a check on the dry snacks in your store. These can literally save your life when a midnight pang gets the better of you.

The most important body fuel, which is abundantly required during hostel or PG days, is ‘food’. Although meals are served to every student in a hostel or PG, who can help satiate the hunger rightly at midnight? When the mess is closed and you cannot rush to a nearby restaurant or a coffee shop, these hacks will surely put an end to the hunger!

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