International Yoga day- The need to inculcate yoga in a healthy lifestyle regime

The science of yoga has been passed on from generation to another through Scriptures and oral tradition. The art of yoga is a gem of our Indian culture and is preserved due to its immense benefits. The earliest documentation of Yoga can be found in Patanjali’s yoga sutras which depict information on yogic techniques and practices.

The benefits of yoga are plenty. These include the rejuvenation of the body and mind making us feel fresh. It also stimulates the various parts of our body ad serves as a cure for many diseases and chronic conditions like body pain. For people who are constant victims of mental conditions like anxiety and depression, yoga serves a deep relaxation technique which soothes their mind. All in all, yoga can be termed as a soulful exercise which provides much-needed relief to both the body and soul in this modern age of stress. For people looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle, yoga is an essential aspect everyone must inculcate in their day to day lifestyle.

PM Narendra modi on Yoga day

In order to popularise these numerous advantages of practising Yoga and the preservation, as well as the extension of this important aspect of our Indian culture Prime Minister NarendraModi, commemorated The International Yoga which is celebrated on the longest day of the year that is the 21st of June. On this day a large number of people gather from various nationalities along with our prime minister and perform various yogic techniques together.

The art of yoga is not merely popular only in India. There are yoga classes all around the world. There is a lot of demand for these organised classes due to the numerous benefits associated with the art. The techniques of yoga are available online too and due to the simplicity of some these techniques, everyone can do it at home.

A yoga session

Health is a very important part of life and it is very human being’s responsibility to take care of one’s physical and mental health. Yoga serves as a great way to achieve this and the message of all yoga days is to ascertain the essentiality of Yoga in one’s lifestyle to for one’s complete well-being.

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