Irony witnessed at its finest as Salman Khan inaugurates a driving centre in Dubai.

While Twitter had a field day over it and we all LOL’d and LMAO’d and retweeted those jokes, the fact that Salman Khan was asked to inaugurate a driving centre in Dubai is just a sign that this world loves to laugh at its own stupid ways.

Salman Khan was invited to inaugurate the Belhasa Driving Centre’s latest branch in Al Quoz, Dubai. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the same man who was accused of mowing one man on a pavement and injuring four others while driving under influence of alcohol on a night in September 2002 in Mumbai.

                                                                                              Belhasa Driving Centre Dubai

Sure, the situation is funny and ironic. But don’t miss the underlying point: a person lost their life and 4 others were injured, and the judiciary of our nation failed to see any guilt in this. This is what the joke was born out of. Not so funny anymore, is it?

Shows how your life’s worth is the same as your bank balance. The lesser you have, the lesser your life is worth. How we’re not really the democracy that we pride ourselves to be. And just because you run an NGO, or donate blood every 3 months, it doesn’t make you incapable of cruelty.

                                                               Salman khan after court judgment on hit and run case.

If you earn in millions and happen to kill someone who earns only enough to eat for the day, no problem! The judiciary will play dumb and pretend not to understand how you could be guilty, and maybe one of your desperately poor servants, in hopes of some security for his family, will agree to the blame and you shall walk away in all your glory.

Fame, popularity or public support isn’t something you should judge a crime by. If that was the case, Ram Rahim Singh would not have been convicted. Patanjali would have never seen legal trouble over its advertisements or Sanjay Dutt would not have been convicted either. While an entire nation could see through the blatant holes in the case, it is sad that the institution supposed to enforce the laws of the land turned a blind eye to it.

                                                                                 Salman khan’s car after hitting people on road.

One man’s money ruined two lives that day. The life that he took, and the life that took the blame for him. A man could be dying of hunger, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to live.

Your personality reformation, doing patriotic films or doing well to the society isn’t a testament to your innocence. The blood cannot be washed off your hands no matter how many sprinkle holy water on them as blessings.

In this country, Salman Khan is an icon. A role model for many, a hero of sorts, people look up to him, worships the ground he walks on and religiously visit the theatres for him, the way people visit temples. If this is what an icon teaches the society, I wonder what “bright future” we’re looking forward to. A life where only money speaks and the truth is tongue-tied?

Salman is a man who has been in the eye of a storm of controversies ever since he kick-started his career. Be it the accusations of violence by ex-girlfriends, of holding illegal arms, the poaching of blackbuck and chinkara case, he’s been both infamous and famous. Don’t make him out to be a poster boy for responsible citizenship. Don’t confuse the characters he plays, with the person he is.

While one man walks free, feeling invincible, another man on the streets fears to succumb to sleep because it might put him out forever. If we were to go by statistics, just remember that you’re more likely to be the latter than the former. And there will be no justice for you.

Maybe your life will be compensated. Your family will receive a “settlement”, a reasonable amount of money. The question is, is that what your life has reduced to? Something to be bought by the ones who can?

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