Is killing animals for food justifiable?

I have been a non-vegetarian for 24 years. I used to extremely enjoy eating meat, chicken and fish. They just had more variety. Never did I associate it with anything wrong. Even after my mother turned into a vegetarian for ‘humane’ reasons, I saw no harm. I never saw it in another light except as a meal that is consumed by many globally.Gradually, I began to see animals in a different way. It was a long process. I began to get affected by videos of PETA and other animal groups, stories of animal rescues and that of animal lovers. A big part to change my heart and thinking was played by my dog. I just saw every animal as I saw him- with love and respect. As another life which deserved to exist.It has been more than a year since I left eating animals. My last non-vegetarian meal was a chicken pizza which somehow tasted funny to me and I realized I didn’t like eating another life anymore.I am not one of those vegetarians who would discourage

I am not one of those vegetarians who would discourage non-vegetarians from eating meat but I myself am more aware of this everlasting debate. In my opinion, if the most intelligent species on this planet- humans have created rights for themselves then we should also be intelligent enough to realize that the animals too should have these rights. Only because they cannot communicate with us does not mean that they don’t have the right to live peacefully without getting tortured or they don’t feel pain like us. They feel as much pain as we do. Even a cut on our skin is painful enough to make us cringe, imagine getting slaughtered- having organs pulled out, horns were broken and blood drained out. It’s barbaric. It is unfair on every level to subject an innocent life to such treatment.

Many argue that plants too are living and vegetarians torture them as much as meat eaters torture animals. However, it is scientifically known that plants don’t have the Central Nervous System that animals have including us. Absence of CNS prohibits the feeling of pain. Animals however, feel every inch of it. Crops for example wheat, rice, barley grow and if not consumed by us would dry after a period of time. Animals however, have a life like us, feel emotions and also have their herds and packs.

There is also this theory that eating animals is important to maintain a balance in the food chain. But, man does not know that the mighty nature takes care of itself and will create the balance. We don’t need to take it in our hands and end lives for it. We can also get the same nutrition from healthy vegetarian food which many eat animals for. The protein which is present in chicken can also be taken from soya, kidney beans, tofu, green peas etc. The internet has this answer with multiple options.

In the simplest form, eating chicken, meat, sea food, pork, beef- whatever the animal is- exactly means eating another life. If killing a human by a human is punishable, then why is killing of an animal by a human accepted? Only because it is a species different from us, mute and less powerful in front of our weapons.

Many a times it is also vegetarians who cause harm to animals. They would not consume meat but would ill treat them. In cases where people and dairies domesticate cows, they would abuse these animals subjecting them to extreme ways to extract milk, breeding, keeping them in filth and non hygienic places. And after the cow cannot give milk anymore or cannot be bred anymore, is sold off to slaughterhouses or left on the streets. This too is cruelty in the same form as consuming the meat of this animal. Throwing stones at animals and kicking them, burning, throwing them from roofs- no matter what food type one prefers is animal abuse. Horses and donkeys being forced to draw carriages in extreme weathers without food and water, elephants being made to give rides can be seen as having bad consequences in many pieces of evidence which are on social media frequently as these animals collapse and many times even die because of sheer exhaustion. Capturing dolphins and whales to keep them in enclosed tanks when they deserve to swim in the ocean, how is it fair?

The debate is but should not be what people eat. It should be if we are sensitive. sensible and human enough to see every life form worthy to live on this planet. Because there is no point of being an advanced intelligent species when we have to eat another life for our taste. Not eating and harming them will not make us more or less worthy than animals. It will only give them the chance they deserve on Earth. Let’s change our perspective, shall we?


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