Is social networking a new societal drug or a victim of misuse?

While it takes away significant hours a day, but is optimum medium to communicate to world during crisis. So is social media a boon or bane?

The world has witnessed a great development in the field of technology and is about to witness a lot more in the near future. One of the notable developments in the technological field is the advent of social media. Social media takes many forms with respect to the end user. The impact it has created on the world so far, has both merits and demerits to be discussed. One cannot simply defend social media by stating only the positives and one cannot stay away from social media by sighting only the negatives in it.

The positives of social media make it an inevitable possession in one’s arsenal. People have used social media in an effective and productive way in the past.

During the unforgettable Chennai floods, in the year 2015, which drowned the entire capital of Tamil Nadu, people used Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter as a platform and joined hands to help the people. People who were in need of help, shelter or food were identified through their social media posts and they were provided with the needed. Social activists formed groups on social media for a notable cause helped people to come out of this tragedy.

Apart from this, the social media has been used to offer charity to those in need of it. We come across an enormous number of posts by hospitals, orphanages etc., asking for charity on social media for noble causes. Social media also helped people to open new line of communication. Social media is also used by people to spread positivity and hope. These are some strong suits that explain us the necessity of social media in our lives. Hashtags like #metoo, #ourrights, #peace are trending currently to spread awareness about the problems faced by the people.


Clock-wise from top 1. #metoo campaign flooded social media platforms 2. Facebook’s mark safe feature for 2015’s Chennai flood 3. Popularity of Facebook among children under 13


On coming to the other side of the sphere, the evil side of social media is making the people to regret their decision of using it. The addiction for social media is one of the major setbacks. The children of this generation lack physical strength as they stick to their mobiles and computers rather than playing in the outfield. Online porn has ruined the lives of many youngsters and spoiled the society. Social media is being used in a negative manner to spread fake news, gossips and share unnecessary comments. People’s goal these days is restricted to get 1k likes on Facebook and 5k followers on Instagram.

Social media is not only a platform to post your selfies, stories and status. It should be used as a doorstep to connect with people all over the world. There are topics like politics, sports safety, patriotism etc. to be discussed. It isn’t a trash to throw what’s not needed.

Social media is a boon if used in an effective way but it becomes a bane if used in an improper one. Let us use social media to enlighten the dark sides of the world.

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