It is high time things change in India. Here are changes that are needed and why they haven’t happened already.

India is one of the developing countries in the world. It is here in this country, where both manpower and resources are surplus in nature. A country which has a bright future ahead but at the same time has some issues to be resolved too.

Gender discrimination is one of the most important factors in India that hinders its progress and keeps it remaining as a developing country rather than a developed country. India is among the countries with large and strong military bases in the world. But in comparison with other countries, India has lesser number of women in army. The reason behind this statistical observation is, that there are people who underestimate the capabilities of women and the families of those women who wish to enter into the field of social service, stand as the barrier, sighting the difficulties in the survival of the womankind in that field. A woman is not a symbol violence, to kill and bury bodies, but is a peace-maker to spread peace all over the world. If men can guard the borders why not women?

Let us not forget the fact that women can serve too. Instead of seeing their strengths and their ability to serve, people see only their gender. If men are compared with a lion why not compare women with a lioness? Apart from women, transgenders too aren’t allowed to take part in military. Transgenders are not even treated as human beings in the first case. An army without equal participation from everyone will never win.

Though every religion finds a home in India, it still denies the freedom for some people to follow the religion of their choice. A Hindu boy still hesitates to bring his Muslim friend to his house whereas a Muslim girl fears to remove the hijab while playing with her friends. Interreligious marriages are still a dream in India, religious talks aren’t meant to be discussed in public as it may irk many souls and end up in a riot.

And homosexual marriage is something which India has been refusing to give any kind of recognition or right to, from the beginning. Gay marriage in other countries is treated as a normal phenomenon whereas the word itself is considered as a sin to pronounce in the Indian society. It indirectly conflicts with the feelings of individuals. But in actuality, everything is determined by the biological and genetic arrangement of hormones of that individual, in case of a transgender and being homosexual is an individual’s own sexual orientation which is their private right and matter to be decided by themselves. So, it is unjust to blame them or ignore them.

These things can be seen as minor issues. But unless issues like these are resolved India will never become a part of the elite group of developed countries.

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