It’s not a project, it’s our Social Responsibility: In talk with Neelesh Shelar from Vishwa Sawali NGO

Finding people who want to work for the society can be difficult as in today’s world, people hardly have any time left for themselves. Seeing hungry and needy kids around us always leaves an empty hole in our hearts but we can’t really do much. Neelesh Shelar didn’t stop at just feeling for them though. He went on and started ‘Vishwa-Sawali’, an NGO for kids in need.

We asked him many questions and he answered them all with grace and a smile on his lips.

Q) Tell us about the organisation (foundation, aims, team, etc)?

I am glad for this opportunity of introducing ‘Vishwa Sawali NGO’ Team to your readers. It’s a team of working professionals from Service, IT and various other sectors. Vishwa Sawali was founded on 15th Feb 2016. I am glad that I have been able to meet a lot of enthusiastic & energetic people who really want to contribute towards the welfare of our society. Our mission is to work towards providing education to the much needy underprivileged kids.

Q)What inspired you to take up this particular field of social work? 

This is something I would really like to share. 4 years back, I was working in a Lead generation company in Koregaon Park (Pune). I was with my colleagues (Pushkaraj Jogal & Rohit Sawant) eating snacks at a roadside stall and there came a small kid asking us for food. We gave him what we had but that left me emotionally down after seeing the reality of so many around us. It was the month of September and we came up with an idea of doing something special on 14th Nov i.e. Children’s Day. We collected money from colleagues and friends that we knew and celebrated Children’s Day at an orphanage. We gave them new clothes and snacks. It was indeed a super day for all of us. We continued this for 3 years on a trot and later my school friends and colleagues suggested to start a foundation to do something substantial.

Vishwa Sawali Foundation celebrating 1st Anniversary

Q)What are the various projects that you undertook till date? 

We have undertaken various projects. I think I would like it to be called our social responsibility. We have distributed around 7000 clothes to the people on the roads, orphanages and old age homes. Also, we have donated food to around 5000 kids in orphanages. We have donated blankets to old people staying on t

he roads during the winter season last year. Further, we distributed water pots to people in slums of Pune and have installed 4 Big water pots in different areas of Pune for easy access to drinking water on the roadside. We saved a 7-year child, suffering from cancer, by requesting people to help for his expenses using Facebook, Whatsapp and TV9 channel. Big hearted people donated directly to Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital for his treatment. We have adopted 7 underprivileged girls from a school for their education and their future is now our responsibility. We gifted Radha Kate, a 5-year-old girl child, with a hearing device (Phonak Naida Q30 UP) who was born with hearing issues. This has improved her hearing which means she will now be able to grasp words and talk too. We planted 500 trees last year in June and we are planting 500 more coming 27th May.

Q) Is there any striking experience of yours, in this journey, which you’ll like to share with the readers?

I have been very fortunate to meet Mrs. Prathibha Chaphekar; who has closely worked with Sir Babasaheb Amte for almost 35 years and Vinayak Deokar who runs a free English medium school in Pune for kids who stay in the slums. It’s great to see so many good and genuine people around working towards the betterment of our society. It’s amazing to know when retired people want to be a part of our team too and most importantly want to be active in physical work too. Hats off to their spirit.

Q) Tell us about your future plans in regard to the organisation?

We will strongly focus on providing education to the underprivileged kids. After all, they are the future of our India. Our activities like food, clothes, and donation will continue throughout. We will keep planting trees every year during rainy season.

Q) What is your message to the society?

I would request everyone to keep donating things that you are not using to any old age home or orphanage nearby. Something that is useless to you now can be a NEED for someone else. As the season goes on, plant 1 tree nearby and see it grow. There is nothing greater than sharing happiness. We will be happy to have you’ll in our team of Vishwa Sawali NGO.

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