JEAKSON SINGH a.k.a UNNATURALLY TALL: The youngster who created history by scoring India’s first ever goal in FIFA world cup


Jeakson Singh, a defensive midfielder by position got the nickname “unnaturally tall” by former U-17 coach Nicolai Adam as Jeakson was nearly 6 feet tall when he was 14. Coming from a family which loved football, Jeakson’s early prefacing of the sport was done by his father who was a coach.

Jeakson said “Since my father was a coach himself, he acquainted me with the basics of football through his training. I started practising with my father at seven years of age and four years later I headed to CFA.”

Jeakson Singh, a.k.a Unnaturally Tall

Jeakson left his hometown in Thoubai district in Mizoram when he was 11 to join CFA (Chandigarh Football Association), soon after him, his cousin Amarjit Singh Kiyam (who is now the U-17 team skipper) also joined CFA. Jeakson learned all his basics skills at CFA and continued there for 5 years. He also picked up the Punjabi language there.

After playing at CFA for 5 years Jeakson left for the Minerva Punjab as they were contesting in the U-16 I-League unlike CFA thinking that he would have a better shot at the U-17 World Cup at Minerwa Punjab rather than at CFA.

However, unfortunately when the preparatory team for the U-17 world cup was selected back in 2015 Jeakson’s  CFA teammates Amarjit and  Sanjeev got selected and the defensive midfielder was left out.

After being rejected the player was advised to play for the senior team by his former coaches. He then played in the U-16 I-League twice and won both times and the club made him play in the DSK cup which boosted his confidence and finally, he made a fit to the AIFF and made it to the U-17 team.

The defensive midfielder created history by scoring India’s first ever goal in the FIFA world cup, by rising highest to thump in a header from Sanjeev Stalin’s cross in the 82nd min of the game against Colombia.

Even though India lost the match 1-2 the goal by Jeakson has made a permanent impression on the game’s history for India.

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