Jio v/s others- Survival of the fittest.

By each passing day, there is some novel invention or innovation taking place. When it started, in the ancient times, monopoly was what existed. But now, times are changing and so are the number of options available. This is true for every sector existent currently. Competition is the ongoing reality, be it in academics, consumer goods or even telecommunication services that we are provided with. The number of telecom service providers have been differing ever since the birth of cell phones. While some succumb to the stronger and more popular networks, others conquer the world and create a legacy of their own.

In the never-ending battle among mobile network operators, the company that provides maximum benefits at a minimum cost has the advantage, always. Some major companies in the league are Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone. With all three coming up with exciting and fluttering offers day in and day out, one of them prevails over the other two. Of lately, Reliance Jio has been having an upper hand in all the services it provides like calling, data packs, SMS and so on.

According to the latest developments, Reliance Jio has again reshuffled its data plan tariffs in which it claims to have offered more benefits to consumers. The new tariff comes at a time when Jio’s Dhan Dhana Dhan offer is about to complete its three months. These newly launched plans are further affecting Airtel and Vodafone, who are facing a slump in their revenues.

As for the data tariffs, the base rate of Jio for every 1GB is one-tenth the market price. “Our data plans go even further: 5p/ MB, or ₹50/ GB. And the more data you use, the lower the rate. We have price points starting from ₹19 for the occasional data user, to a monthly ₹149 plan for the light data user all the way up to a monthly ₹4,999 plan for the heaviest data user. Data packs in the market have an effective rate of about ₹250/ GB. With Jio, you pay 5 to 10 times lower – ₹25-₹50/ GB”, said Ambani.

Reliance Jio is India’s first LTE-only network, which means that users don’t have to worry about the network dropping to 2G or 3G. Other telecoms like Vodafone and Airtel are now pushing hard for their 4G services, but at times, the range does drop to 3G or 2G when there is no network coverage, which is a bit underwhelming. The voice over LTE (VoLTE) gives HD/ superior voice quality that surpasses the other two networks. Moreover, call drops on VoLTE are also relatively less.

Mukesh Ambani, at the 42nd Reliance AGM, was quoted saying, “Jio is the only mobile network in the country that is only 4G LTE”. He further added,

“Jio has the only network conceived and born as a mobile video network from the ground up. It is future ready and it can be easily upgraded to support even more data, as technologies advance to 5G, 6G and beyond”. This is a grave drawback when it comes to networks like Vodafone and Airtel, as the latter lack these abilities to be upgraded.

One of the biggest advantages over its rivals is that Reliance Jio offers free roaming nation-wide. All you need to do is just pay for the data. As Ambani pointed out, “Customers should pay for only one service, either voice or data. Not both”. This is the first time any service is providing a free roaming system in the country. Previously, the huge roaming charges were a nightmare for almost everyone. This has been eased by the Jio network and the ritual is being imitated by the competitors too, now.

More often than not, many people have Wi-Fi at home and need data only when they step out of their house. Thus, with affordable and cheap tariff plans of ₹149, Jio makes itself the most alluring service provider. The highlight is not only good data charges but the pack also comes with unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. Unlike other companies, Jio doesn’t have a tab on the talk-time in its pre-paid offers. For people who don’t use a Broadband or a Fibernet connection, higher packages of Jio are aptly suited. Apart from being reasonable, the quality and speed of the connection are superb.

Another outstanding aspect of this company is its wide and reliable connectivity. The company is always ready to take action in case of any network issues being reported. A large part of it is due to a large amount of money being poured into this technology so as to be able to cover the whole of India. In case of the other two, even though these network providers are existent since a very long time, network coverage in isolated parts is a major issue. To add to Jio’s favourableness, it has very good tree-like cellular towers that enhance the beauty of Mother Earth.

An added advantage to this company comes from the production of the low-priced handsets that are 4G enabled. These have been introduced by Reliance Digital under its brand LYF. The most basic handsets are available at a mere price of ₹2,999. As the smart-phones get loaded with more features, the price also goes on increasing. The range is from ₹3999 to ₹5999. Additionally, for those who don’t want to replace their 2G or 3G handsets, Reliance Jio has come up with a 4G LTE personal router, called the Jio-Fi, which is priced at Rs 1,999.

Along with data & calling services, Jio also provides services like JioMusic, JioTV, etc that come under the application of MyJio. These services are beyond awesome and also laden with entertainment. Following the launch of MyJio app, Airtel too came up with its own entertainment app.

A silver lining to the success of the company comes from the fact that there’s always some offer/discount available for recharging the Jio sim. (through Paytm, Phone Pe, etc.). Plus, there also exists vouchers for online shopping, flight bookings and the like, with each recharge that is made.

After reviewing the services offered by Reliance Jio, it seems that gone are those days when we used to savor 1 GB for a whole long month. Because of this service provider, all the other leading competitors too are being forced into regulating their tariff plans so that they can keep up with the newly generated market rates.

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