Kingfisher Calendar 2018: It Only Gets Better and Hotter With Each Passing Year.

With the arrival of 2018, pictures of the Kingfisher Calendar have been revealed, in which the supermodels are (figuratively) setting the calendar on fire.

Atul Kasbekar, the famous photographer, has shot the pictures for the Kingfisher calendar of the year 2018 in Croatia. In its 16th edition, the models look sizzling hot with a beach backdrop. Priyanka Moodle, Mittal Rannore, Ishita Sharma and many more are seen posing in the pictures posted by Atul Kasbekar on Instagram.

Like every year, this calendar is also full of boldness. Vijay Mallya’s ‘Kingfisher Calendar’ is like a launch pad in the fashion industry, in which the covered models get noticed. Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Nargis Fakhri, Lisa Hayden, Isha Gupta, Sayami Khair, Poonam Pandey are those models who got a break in films through Kingfisher.

The Kingfisher Calendar of 2018 has created a ruckus on social media. This time, four models from the Calender Photoshoot were selected, whose 12 photos are attracting great applause on social media. Why wait then?  Let’s  see the calendar of the whole year from January to December.

January: In the first month, Priyanka Moodle has compelled everyone to watch the entire calendar with her sexy poses.

February: In the second month, the famous model Ishika Sharma has attracted everyone’s attention. Ishika has given quite a bold pose in a Bikini for February.

March: In the third month, the model Priyanka Karunakaran has drawn the attention of everyone with this aggressive attachment. Along with this, the location has put Priyanka in the suitable pose.

April: This superhit picture of model Mithali Ranauri has been chosen for April. Her picture has impressed everyone a lot.

May: Once again in the month of May the hot picture of model Ishika. According to the season of May this picture is absolutely perfect.

June: This picture of model Priyanka Moodle has been chosen for June for the warmest month of the year. In this picture, Priyanka has festered the fans in the green color bikini.

July: The photo of Mitali Ranauer, lying in water, has increased the temperature of social media to a great extent. Her picture has been selected for the month of July.

August: In this picture of Priyanka Moodle, the natural artistic shot looks beautiful. Along with Priyanka’s actions, this picture is also refreshing for Calendar for the month of August.

September: This photo of Mithali Ranaure has been selected for the month of September. In the photo of Mitali in Bikini is slaying with her hot legs, the creativity in photography with the sunlight is worth seeing.

October: This photo of Ishika Sharma has been selected for the month of October. Once again, the creativity of camera angle is praiseworthy, along with the location.

November: This photo of Priyanka Moodle has been selected for November. After moving eyes from Priyanka’s beauty in the picture, the next thing to see is the confluence of earth and sky in the picture.

December: This photo of Priyanka Karunakaran has been selected for December. In this picture Priyanka is giving the most different pose in red colored bikini. Which looks quite attractive. Along with this, the high-rise building and the embroidered look of sunset are also putting more sensuality in this picture. For the pink cold of December, this golden picture is worth watching .

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