LALA LAND TO LALU LAND: Republic TV reporters assaulted by Lalu Prasad Yadav

A series of scams and mounting allegations of corruption agitates RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav to physically attack and threaten Republic TV reporters twice in a day. Lalu has been in a tough spot after being unmasked by Republic TV. Apparently, Lalu is accused of having relations with Mafia don, Mohammad Shahbudin, as audio tapes were released in public of his conversations with Shahbudin about his comfort zone in jail. He was intimidated by the fag-end of questions and lost his cool and tried to attack the reporters. He is also accused of being involved in a land scam where his daughter HemaYadav has unlawfully bought land of worth Rs 100 crore of mere Rs 1 crore. Lalu is currently rattled by the extensive media questioning and exclaims that it’s not his obligation to answer such questions. Lalu, a public servant is known for his jungle raj in Bihar and is accused of 5 cases in Supreme Court.

The BJP government has been repeatedly questioning the RJD on such scams. Such revelations will leave Nitish Kumar liable and will have a big impact on RJD-JDU coalition. Such scenarios of reporters being brutally exploited leaves ripples in the economy and questions the democracy and media’s freedom to press. Stringent laws should be in place for such petty criminals. ArnabGoswami, editor in chief of Republic TV warns Lalu that truth is on its way back, this time he shall not be spared by his wrong doings and shall be punished for his scams. He exclaimed “Your time is over, you should be punished under multiple sections of law’’. He appreciated the fellow reporters to show the true colours of this man. He further challenged Lalu and he shall not be spared in the eyes of law, following a criminal complaint against him. Such exposes have been considered as the watchdog of the society and shows the positive impact of social media on the justice system in India. Kudos to such reporters who show the true picture of such criminals to the society.

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