Life is meant to be lived, live it and own it, don’t end it

                                “The toughest person to satisfy in this world is smirking inside you”

The day you were born, was the day you have started winning. Your life has begun on a winning note when you had defeated thousands of sperms to stand where you are now. The world always cherishes winners like you. You are unique in your own way. The path you are travelling on is the path you have designed to reach your destination. There is no one else to fill your boots on this earth. Your glory is calling out your name. But, life is not a bed of roses. The will and determination in your heart have to be stronger than ever if you need to fight for your position in this world. Questions like,’ what is life? Why live anymore? How to lead a successful life?’ may haunt you. But never forget that you have only one life. Live in a way that everyone wishes to lead a life like yours, but how?

“The moment you realize that you made a mistake is the moment you have started the journey to your destiny”

                                                                                  Your best teacher is your last mistake

The world has witnessed a large number of successful people. The path they had chosen may differ from one another, but the journey’s end was the same. The secret behind their success is the mistakes they had made in their lives that answered their question, ‘what is life?’ You might find someone to teach you how to walk or how to talk, but you cannot find a teacher better than you and your mistakes to teach you what life is. The Phoenix always burns itself to regain its true power. The sun sets in the evening to come up brighter the next day. The moon never refuses to grow. The mistakes you had committed in the past will strike your head every time when you take up a task. The person you were yesterday is not you, but your teacher today.

                    “Sometimes you have to cocoon yourself. Not out of fear, but to come out in flying colours”

                                                                   Karoly Takacs – The One Handed Olympic Gold Medalist

The world is not a place to win, but a place to learn. You don’t have to give up when you lose. Be courageous enough to take up the failures and learn from it. Always remember that “A loser is the one who creates a winner”. A brave heart is not afraid of failures. If you are unable to succeed, always find the reason behind your failures. Never find an excuse to give up. To give up is totally different from letting go. If you let go of something you can grab it the next time with more power. Even if you connect the nerves running inside everyone, you cannot create a boundary and restrict yourself within it. The power inside you may lie dormant but it never died. The time to unleash it may be yet to come. Be the torch bearer of your own life.

“When you fall down you have a chance of discovering a treasure which you wouldn’t have found if you had been flying”

                                               First, accept sadness. Realize that without losing, winning isn’t so great.

“If you refuse to run, you are losing the race without even participating in it.” The best way to win is by participating. Life teaches you nothing at free of cost. “The biggest mistake is, to wait for something to begin instead of beginning it.” Not only ask the wings of birds, but also its tail so that you could fly in the right direction. The water present in this universe is not enough to extinguish the fire burning inside you. If you are not awarded with a chance you deserve, create a chance by yourself. Never ask for a simple life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult life. Decide within yourself whether you want to live or survive. Never forget that stars shine only in the dark. The world may not entertain losers but it never refused to teach losers to win their next battle. Your true strength will come out only when you are in a tough situation. The reason for dejection is we always forget to find the good in bad and the bad in good. If you want to prove someone wrong, first prove yourself that you are right. Turn your bruises into boons, the whole world will envy you.

                                                             “Why use a full stop when you have a comma?”

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