Life isn’t too fast paced to forget smiling! Here’s how you can overcome 90% of your headache with a simple smile!

Lately there have been a lot of busy people around people are always engaged or busy in some kind of work. Even in your own home, elders leaving for work, the all-time-busy beloved home makers packing tiffin and the young ones crying around for their lost pair of socks, seem to be in a pool of bewilderment. The day passes in a similar fashion and by the end of the day all your energy is drained. Soul-crushing, right?

Let’s bring into picture the cure to every monotonous and uneventful day. That radiating and a hundred and eighty degree extension on your face- your smile.

This single pure expression of concern, well-being is the best way to say “it’s okay”! 

 The smile of a wife can take away the tiredness of her husband, the smile of a little child has the ability to liberate his mother from all the worries, the smile of a person standing right in front of you in a long queue can make your journey to the counter easy.Smile is contagious and doesn’t hesitate to transform into a laughter. Let it spread because it will calm you, its vibrations communicate magically and fill everyone around you with peace and ease.

When people don’t get their own way, they tend to shout at others, some prefer giving a ruthless stare while many others end up complaining harshly. What good does it do? Ever thought of it? It’s simple. The victim of every stare starts feeling a certain level of fury or maybe drowning levels of sadness. And the one who complains gets the credit for being a killjoy.

In a nutshell no one ends up being happy. Consequently no good outcome. Being a forgiving person is not easy but putting up a smile on one’s face is. Life has many colours and all are beautiful if you embrace them with that beaming smile of yours.

A smile when pretended, on the outside is very tricky. You have got to follow the basic rule “Fake it until you make it”. Well at some point of time you will surely be fine. So always carry this weapon of public happiness and self-help along with you. Besides, it will keep your blood pressure lower and stress release higher.

The beauty of a smile is how well it helps in accepting a praise and how sarcastically it makes fun of a mockery. The beauty in it is how well it goes with your photogenic moods and faces and also the way it expresses a firm NO! Just smile and wave boys… Just Smile and Wave! Recall it?

So which smile are you putting up next time? 🙂

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