Makeup Hacks every millennial girl needs to know!

We all have our good days and bad days, and makeup for our girly millennial girl, is an essential on both of these. But what about the days when even makeup seems to not be the solution? That uneven eyeliner, or cakey compact, how to get rid of it? Here are some makeup hacks, which we hope would help the diva reading this.

  • Under eye triangle- To conceal those dark circles well, or highlight them, make sure you blend them in inverted triangles. Use your concealer stick, and form the triangles first, and then use your blending sponge to blend it evenly. This way, the blending happens more smoother, compared to just arches under the eyes.
  • Blending sponge in a rolling motion- We all hate when that foundation just wouldn’t blend in, howsoever hard we try. And then we try to cover it up with compact, ending up making it more cakey than ever. So, why not try this one? Roll the blending sponge around, to blend it in, instead of dabbing or swiping.
  • Make any lipstick matte using Talcum powder- Wish you had the perfect matte shade to go with that outfit, but the shade you have isn’t matte! Worry not. Just put on the normal lipstick, add a tissue over it, and dab some talcum powder using your blush brush. There you go! Matte Finish!
  • Turn your pencil eyeliner into gel liner- Just hold that pencil eyeliner under the flame of a candle or lighter, for a few seconds, and your gel liner is all set to go. Not only does this last longer, but also gives an intense smudgy look, that stays all day long!
  • Baby oil for cracked heels- There are times when we fully regret those 6-inch heels. More so, when we take them off, and look at the cracked heels we’ve got. Solution? Baby oil. Apply it before sleeping, and wear socks later.

Hopefully, these tips help you solve some issues and if you have some hacks too, do share them with us!

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