A little insight into a developing country’s struggle to face all issues of caste-ism and discrimination under a single umbrella of patience

A little insight into a developing country’s struggle to face all issues of caste-ism and discrimination under a single umbrella of patience

It happened on 14th September, Amrutha had to witness her own husband being hacked to death. A brutal violation of one’s basic rights. The situation could be deciphered as to be a result of the precedential thoughts of caste inequality. Honour killing is indeed an issue to be dealt with seriously, as much the closed-fist agenda that rather pass through the nerve wrecking court sessions. The right to make decisions and live independently is treated as a crime by many in our country. Thus, the thought has laid a foundation for many crimes in various parts of India.

The baseline being violation of rights and giving restricted freedom, there are a lot many anti-social groups in many villages that have set their own rulebook on matters like this. Going by the statistics from the ministry of social justice and empowerment, the five states top on the list who account for almost 70%of the registered atrocities in caste inequality in India are – Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

The hesitation to report such incidents, the guts to stand up for an intolerable torture is really of an undermined figurative importance. Even in a state with literacy rates higher than any other state – Kerala, incidents like these occur. Even though the country is riding on a hub of technical experts contributing and serving as CEOs and Directors in many leading companies across the globe, even though our country has intellectuals like Shashi Tharoor, well developed medical support, a high number of creative heads, still why does the crime and caste intertwine with each other in the heads of narrow dimension?

When the question comes to personal life decisions, a lot many have taken up the burden of letting their parents dominate even though a job and a consistent monthly earning is achieved. The fear of children going astray compels them to stay this way. Discrimination comes from all sectors of the economy, be it on the basis of money, caste, colour, birth place and so on. What is it that is driving out the people’s mind with generalising thoughts that condemn even the most remote versions of inequality and marginalisation? Who are the victims? What has been offensive? The relative momentum with which one is judged from within various angles, ensures a multitude of reasons to be marginalised and stereotyped for. Just like how it is taught in every school about equality, the foundation of sensible thinking is laid by the family, the surroundings, and the values incurred.

The websites and channels may flood with questions on as to why Pranay’s killing wasn’t a flooded highlight in many of the national media, as much as the little attention this case got, there are still many who’s hands and mouths are tied and are forced under brutal torture, who’s stories we don’t know and wont ever know. As much as the government is taking strong and stringent steps to ensure the empowerment of the marginalised castes, there are still political agenda (plural form is agenda) planning their way of old rotten tradition of caste systems into the heads of many including the illiterate. Sliding from the many forgotten statistics and data, it is a ground reality that the current rate of inequalities is not in a varying position. What now remains as a column to be merely filled for office purpose has taken a toll on the heads of many in the country. No amount of coaxing or counselling can change the narrow views, it should be understood by one’s own senses that no matter what the differences, the human heart pumped blood in every body, on the inside everyone is the same –  A refined being with big headspaces.

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