Living it up the media way: Are you really living it up at all with those bright shiny selfies?

Like, comment and share- The three mantras of the current generation. The world has started to lead a fake life, trying to attract attention, wearing fake smiles for the sake of photographs. People have become social media-centric instead of enjoying the moment. It has become a craze for people to post everything on social media. The selfie fever has hit the human population.

“Memories are meant to float, do not capture it.”

The addiction towards social media has begun to ruin the lives of people. What people show in front of the lens is not their true face. People put a mask to hide their true emotions and expose their fake side. All that glitters are not gold. People fake their accent, their walk, their smile, their body language in front of the camera.

“Your true identity will never leave you.”

Everyone captured the moment, while she lived the moment.

And also, people are trying to capture the present moment rather than cherishing it. Why not taste the delicious food when it is hot rather than clicking a picture of it? Why shoot a video instead of enjoying the soothing rain? ‘Present’ is the biggest gift one can have in their life. Do not lose it at the cost of a photograph. Service to the society has to come from the bottom of the heart. A true service needs no advertising. Instead of taking a snap of your service to the people, try to feel the bliss you get out of it. The best moments in one’s life are those that are not advertised. Socializing never meant posting photos and videos on social media. The best way to connect with people is by disconnecting from social media.

“Never lose the reality by drowning into illusion.”

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