London Terror Attack: What happened and its effects in the City!

Terrorism, just the word is enough to make people afraid and hide. On March 22, 2017, terror struck one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In the Westminster area in London, a suspect terrorist ploughed his car onto two pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge. He then crashed into the railings of the parliament. He stabbed a police officer named Keith Palmer as he busted through the gate of the Palace of Westminster and then got shot dead by other armed officers. The area is said to be the heart of the city, where a diverse amount of people come.

The attack left 4 dead, including a police officer and the attacker himself. London police department said that there were 40 people being treated in the hospital out of which 7 were in severe condition. It is believed that the dead attacker is the only suspect and the Islamic state terror group has claimed the responsibility for the attack.

The parliament meeting was immediately called off following the protocol and both, the Prime minister, Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II were reported safe.

It was also brought in to notice that the city was on its second highest level of alert, meaning that an attack was considered highly likely.

US President Donald Trump and UK Prime minister Theresa May discussed the situation and Trump said that UK has the full support and cooperation of US and those responsible should be brought to justice. A Spokesperson from the US State Department said that they are closely monitoring the current situation outside UK Parliament. Mark Toner, a Spokesperson, urges the US Citizens in the UK to notify their family member and loved ones about their safety.

Prime Minister May addressed the House of Commons and confirmed that the man was British born and was investigated by MI5 a few years back in concern to violence extremism.

Eight Arrests along with raids on six addresses have taken place across London. Police will be on alert and parole through the city. The residents can expect heavier police, armed and unarmed, across the city for the next few days.

People from across the globe are showing their support and offering condolences on the attack. Londoners started a new twitter trend as they proclaim that the terrorists didn’t win- #wearenotafraid.

May has also said that the attacks won’t slow down the city and the people will come back stronger and the city will function normally from Thursday Morning.

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