How long will we let sexuality decide instead of skills? Its high time!

How long will we let sexuality decide instead of skills? Its high time!

We found an article on Quora titled “Why are there more female teachers than male teachers in most schools“. And the issue which was raised should definitely be highlighted on all platforms. So here we are, presenting the dichotomy of the issue at FT Broadcast for further perusal.
The article highlighted the issue of “no smoke without fire” through a story narrated out of the author’s personal experience with a male teacher at her school who, though proficient was forced to resign as girls in the class were having a “crush” on him and rumours were in the air. It is very unfortunate, the author writes, that male teachers have to face this compromise with their skills and sexuality.
Now, amidst campaigns for gender equality and equal pay for both sexes, this issue might seem to be a mockery. For instance, the women community can also agitate saying why are all hard-core job sectors (defence, sales, manufacturing) dominated by males. But we can’t throw stones at each other, when we are all residents of glasshouses. The fact remains: the education of children cannot be compromised with anything, let alone sexuality.
We need to have a look at the ground reality first. Here are some statistics –

1) The GPI (Gender Parity Index) in elementary and secondary education has become favourable to female teachers only since 2014-2015. Prior to that, male enrolment used to be more favourable.

2) The number of female teachers per 100 male teachers in 2014-2015 in higher education was 63. And in all the previous years it was lesser, like 59.

3) The number of female teachers per 100 male teachers in 2011-2012 for primary school was 79, upper primary school 76, secondary school 66, senior secondary school 66. The trend for the previous years is a bit fluctuating in nature but never has the number crossed 90.

And most importantly, in a country dominated by males in population, we cannot expect anything contrary to the above mentioned facts. In a society divided on lines of patriarchy, it would have been an over the moon fact to have females dominate even in any one sector, in any aspect. But where do we have it?

Regarding the notion of female teachers dominating in their numerical strength in “most schools”, I agree that is the scenario in co-education schools, but it is not the same in any all boys school. Gender and sexuality are very sensitive and different issues. The all girls schools will obviously not be comfortable with an irrationally large number of male teachers. It is a psychological concept that boys and girls tend to be more comfortable and open in front of same sexes. Similarly in an all boys school female teachers are nil or negligent.

As far as co-ed schools are concerned, the current trend affirms the teaching profession is one involving soft skills, patience, softness, empathy and tons of understanding. So we have to admit, females are better at it than males. It might sound stereotypical, but we cannot help it. Every job, every role is stereotyped in modern times; the modern is just a word suffixed in the word times.

Therefore, the day we have equal number of women in the armed forces, there shall be equal strength of females and males in the staffroom of every school. The day we realise that some things are beyond a differing set of genitals, we will establish an absolutely egalitarian society. Where your right to breathe freely and roam wherever and whenever you want to will not be decided by the anatomy you have been born with. A society where every individual is allowed to do the job he dreams about without the society pointing fingers. Then we can surely go ahead with the talking about such issues in the open. We strive to achieve that level of education, we strive to be called modern in the true sense.

The journey might be a  long one, but make sure it is yours.

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