“The Mantra To A Healthy Life Is Discipline”: An Interview With Dr Divya Chadha

“What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters of what lies within us.”

‘Health’ is one of the major issues concerning us all irrespective of our age, gender or geographical boundaries. We nowadays have become so engrossed in our busy head on schedules that we overlook our health and start taking it lightly, whereas it demands an equal amount of time and importance. By the time we realize our mistake it’s already too late and it’s not long before we find ourselves gobbling up several pills to ensure that our sugar levels are controlled and our blood pressure is within its range. Holding this view of educating people about the essentials of leading a healthy life since the very beginning, Dr. Divya Chadha came up with her brainchild “Health and U” and answers various questions associated with leading a disease-free life.

Divya Chadha is a well-known Nutritionist/Dietitian situated and practicing in Delhi. She has been successfully working as a dietitian for the past 6 years and owns and operates a company called “Health and U”. She has completed her graduation in Nutrition Science from Himalayan University and is a specialist in Clinical Nutrition, Child Care Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Fad Diets, DNA Diets and Ayurveda Massages.

Divya, as a person was a fitness freak herself and from there she got an idea of helping other people out with their weight and other health-related issues. In her previous interviews, Divya spoke of the mission that she holds to help people to achieve good nutrition and active lifestyle habits. When asked about the motivating factor behind choosing this line as her career, she replied that she was always interested in studying Nutrition and helping others out simultaneously. This approach is significantly visible in the unique establishment of Health and U, where the diet plans are personally charted out by Divya herself. She ensures that that chart is customized according to the patients’ particular needs and is laid out in a doable manner. As per her, almost all health-related problems are caused due to the carelessness of people towards their lifestyle, lack of physical exercise and an excessive consumption of fast food. She points out the role played by a shift in cultures where now people don’t have time to work upon themselves and eat whatever is easily accessible which in turn results in more and more people being inflicted by obesity and increased heart diseases.

The biggest problem is when one needs to stick to a particular diet schedule and incorporate it into her everyday life. When asked about how she motivates people to abide by a specific eating schedule Divya replied by saying that if your counseling is good people will automatically follow and listen to you. You don’t need to force or persuade them to do the same, as far they understand that it is ultimately for their own good and welfare. She went on to say that she provides the patients with a diet which best suits their physiological bodily changes so that they don’t have to make much of an effort to incorporate that diet chart into their schedule because it’s already planned and laid out that way. She said that she does not believe in imposing a fixed diet and a schedule which necessarily has to follow, this way after a point of time people lose interest and it gets mundane. Rather she molds the diet chart in a way best suited for the people and so that they can follow it while staying in their comfort zone.

When asked what is that one key mantra which must be followed by everyone and is essential to lead a healthy and disease free life, she said that everyone must follow discipline, which is both satisfying and necessary. We must eat a balanced diet and indulge in any physical activity at least thrice a week. The balance, however, must necessarily be maintained and the scales of work and health must be equalized.

Finally, upon the future prospects of Health and U, she stated that she’ll soon be launching a YouTube channel as a popular demand by people where we’ll find her giving advice on several health-related concerns and how to effectively deal with them. She said that she’s working on this as her new venture and is continuously trying to reach out to more and more people with her unique and intriguing ideas.


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  1. I have been taking Dr. Divya’s diet for 4 months and lost 10 kgs …her diet is very effective and easy to follow .I have not faced any health problem since then .very thankful to her

  2. Informative article, best dietician of delhi who keeps in mind your health while making diet plans and give best results

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