Meet The Woman Who Started From Scratch And Is Now Helping Thousands

Jasleen Kaur, Nutritionist and founder of Justdiet Clinic

This week we spoke to Jasleen Kaur about her clinic, her decision to be an entrepreneur and the idea behind her brand.

Healthy and nutritious food is very important in order to stay fit and one needs to be very conscious regarding overeating of calories, intake of junk food and crash dieting, as these will harm the body. Moreover the intake of artificial substances in order to stay fit may have side effects as well. Thus keeping all these in mind, Jasleen came up with ‘Just Diet’.

Jasleen Kaur ,a Dietitian/Nutritionist, runs her own clinic in Delhi since 2012 by the name ‘Just Diet’ clinic & e-clinic. Her qualifications include, Diploma in Dietetics, Health and Nutrition (DDHN) at VLCC institute in Delhi (2011) & BASM at the Institute of Alternative Medicine and Science in Kolkata (2016). She also conducts seminars in schools, educating them about the importance of healthy eating.

She has been a part of seminars held in collaboration with the United Nations on health programs, like the World Health Program etc. She is also a part of Indian Dietetic Association and has achieved the title of “Best Dietician in Delhi-NCR” in the year 2016. She likes advising both individuals and groups. With groups, her speaking skills are in use and while treating individuals ,her skill to understand the psychology of the individual comes handy.

‘Just Diet’ not only deals with people fighting obesity but also focuses on people suffering from lifestyle disorders like hypertension, thyroid, diabetes etc. It gives immense importance to the psychological well being of its clients and thus the results last long.

When asked about the story behind her decision to be a Dietician/Nutritionist, Jasleen spoke about her own challenges and her fight against obesity while growing up which became the base of her passion and thus she decided to help people who shared her story.

Her future plans include opening up a new clinic with a team of 5 members so that she could help more people. For now she wishes to concentrate on her present clinic where she is treating around 2000 clients.

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