Megachurch dismantled in “sceptic” China – “ Anxiety grows amongst the Christian community”

China has become republic and to some extent democratic as well but “secularism” is still waiting at the door to be called inside the world of varied culture and heritage.

Chinese police officers demolished one of the country’s largest evangelical churches using heavy machinery and dynamite to raze the building where more than 50,000 Christians worshipped. It was destroyed because it was illegally constructed and violated building codes. China’s officially atheist Communists authorities are wary of any organised movements outside their control, including religious ones and thus annihilated it in “Taliban style”.

There’s not much difference in the treatment offered by Pakistan to Hindus and that displayed by China to Christians and now we can analyse why these two share the “sentimental” bond and another fact that adds to their “friendship” is revelry against our India.

The huge evangelical Jindengtai (“Golden Lampstead”) Church, painted grey and surmounted by turrets and a large red cross, was located in Linfen in Shanxi province. Its demolition began on 9th January, Tuesday, under a “city wide campaign to remove illegal buildings”, the Global Times newspaper reported, quoting a local government official who wished to remain anonymous.

“A Christian offered his farmland to a local Christian association and then secretly built a church using the cover of a building a warehouse”, the official said.

Indians need not to copy China in any way when its posing a threat to our motherland via Himalayan ranges constructing 8- lane highway to reach India!, something worth noting is that no one protested much neither the politics entered into filthy atmosphere, like it had happened in the demolishing process of ‘Babri Masjid’.

In an annual report last year, the US state Department said that in 2016, China “physically abused, detained, arrested, tortured, sentenced to prison, or harassed adherents of both registered and unregistered religious groups”. To keep it as simple as that the “hospitality”, “care”, “affection” that was meted out to Indians during INDO-PAK partition is what received by Christians in China since they support Buddhism. China has 5.7 million Catholics and 23 million Protestants, according to official statistics. But the figures exclude a similar number of Catholics who adhere to the unofficial “underground” church loyal to the Vatican and tens of millions of members of unrecognized churches, mainly Protestant.

Critics however, described the move as part of a national effort to regulate spiritual life in China. Members of the megachurch have previously clashed with the authorities including in 2009 when the police confiscated Bibles and imprisoned the people. Armed police, a state paramilitary organisation, detonated explosives in the church’s underground sanctuary and destroyed the rest of the building, according to China Aid, a US watchdog group that monitors religious freedom in China.

The repeated persecution of Golden Lampstand Church demonstrates that Chinese government has no respect for religious freedom or human rights. China Aid said that the building was built by married evangelists Wang Xiaoguang and Yang Rongli with US$ 3 million in contributions from local Christians, but that it had never been registered with authorities, a legal requirement.

Authorities in northern China have demolished a Christian megachurch located in Lifen, Shanxi province for failing to register.

Over the past several years authorities have destroyed Church rooftop crosses and churches, leading to clashes with hundreds of congregants. Hundreds of pastors and human rights activists have been arrested for speaking out against the government’s treatment of Christians. Demolition of Church comes as authorities prepare to impose new, stricter regulations on religion from February 1 as part of a broader effort to put religious practice under the direct supervision of the state. On the surface it looked as if the bad old days of the Cultural Revolution were on the way back. Then, in the decade from 1066-76,thousands of religious buildings were destroyed and believers were denounced and persecuted. However, events in Lifen cannot be explained as the actions of a single megalomaniac or even the declared policy of the party.

On closer inspection, however, these events entail something more complicated that demand our attention.  While one can source freely among the numerous news stories and commentaries (and perhaps some unofficial buzz) on this event, there is an important facet that becomes crystallised in this sea of information; the three-fold reality of religion in china, including the reality portrayed in overseas media, and the reality described by Chinese media, the reality lived by religious practitioners and religious leaders in different localities. The history of all nations proves that common people have been made the puppet of the political parties and kingdoms.

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