More to the Haim sister’s good music and good hair: Read on to know the sister’s style mantra

Left to Right: Danielle, Alana and Este Haim

All that reverberates through the mind on the mention of the Californian trio of Haim sisters is great music. With their R&B tinged pop music, catchy lyrics and some great hair to sway to the tunes, the girls have traversed a long path from playing at “bottom of the bill at 50-capacity venues [where] no one showed up” to playing at jam-packed stadiums and topping the charts with their own albums.

What has significantly caught our eye since their 2013 debut album Days Are Gone, is their evolution from making style statements in their music videos and on events, to have become a name that is now synonymous with fashion. You have seen them in their mid-parted hair, flaunting similar styles that scream out the ’70s California girl aesthetic. While Haim is all about wide-legged suits and trousers, short skirts, lots of Levi’s and vintage t-shirts, on looking closely,  it’s almost difficult to miss out on the different silhouettes that are distinct to each of the three – Danielle generally is seen sporting suits and trousers; Este shows a hint of legs in skirts and mod minidresses, while Alana sways in between the two.

It’s almost difficult to miss out on the different silhouettes that are distinct to each of the three

Danielle, once in an interview with Vogue, said that the three of them owed a lot of their sense of experimentation in fashion to thrift and vintage stores and that for them, their interest and love in fashion came from grunge icons. Emphasising the importance of dressing well she added, “We want to wear things that make us feel like the superhero versions of ourselves”.  What has proved beneficial for the sisters is, and as Alana also puts it, “we know what our bodies look good in, which is I think the hardest thing you can ever learn.”

This band of talented musicians is turning heads at events, shows, parties, campaigns, with their 70s inspired yet refreshing style. They have gone on to collaborate with the who’s who of the fashion industry like Diane von Furstenberg, Simone Rocha, Marques’Almeida, Grice, and top brands like Chanel, Patagonia, and Reformation. After winning hearts of music lovers, the Haim sisters have become a force to reckon with in the fashion arena, as they have fostered the growth of a style that is sophisticated, yet comfortable.

Haim at the Way Out West Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden in 2013

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