Moving out or not moving out of India? The patriotic dilemma

There is a major conflict among intellectuals of the country, every time some Indian moves out of the country for a ‘better life’. That better life comes in many different forms; career opportunities, luxurious lifestyle, advanced facilities, educational aid, more ‘open-minded’ people, dream location (The city of love, The city that never sleeps, Hollywood, recognize these places without naming them?), and so on.  The conflict that arises is, why can’t they contribute to creating a better life right here? If only it was that simple, there is a real dilemma here.

“Why do you work abroad? Work here in India, serve your nation, we need your talent here.”

“But there is no good job available worth my skills here. Everything I’ve worked hard for all these years will go in vain.”

“Who will create those jobs, if not people like you?”

“Creating a job and applying a skill are different things. I’m not an entrepreneur or a part of the government, or it’s entities that create jobs for others.”

“Then why don’t you become one of these too?”

“My talent and abilities are best in applying the skill I’ve learned, this is what I’ve wanted to do all my life.”

A lot of Indians get educated and then move out for a better career. Sundar Pichai, born in Tamil Nadu and an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, is the CEO of Google. As much as it makes all of us proud, it ignites a thought, how fortunate our economy would be if people like him with extraordinary talent worked here instead. While some jobs are just comparatively better abroad, some jobs are hardly available in India at all. For example, Research and Development Sector is a major reason that holds the development of America steady. In India, it is still a weak sector in the sense that it is highly needed yet minimally present. But does that mean it will always be like this?

India is still a developing country and at a very fast rate. It is a growing tree with fruits to bear in future. Looking further at the R&D sector itself, Indian based R&D service companies grew at a fast rate of 12.67%. According to India Brand Equity Foundation, “India has moved up to the 60th position in the 10th edition of Global Innovation Index (GII) in 2017 and will likely get into the list of the top 25 nations in the next 10 years.” Entrepreneurs will rise and create jobs, institutions will develop better, all jobs are interdependent in an economy, one will help another, and the scope is unlimited, even if there are hurdles. Clearly, there is no limit as of now for growth of India, but when it comes to individual growth if you think you can bring out your best here, go ahead! If not, bring out your best wherever you can, you are allowed to live your life to its full potential. However, maybe in future, your abilities can find a place here; keep a track of your country’s growth.

This was just one aspect of the scenario. Many more arguments persist. There is racism towards ‘brown people’ abroad. Why would anyone want to go there? There are open-minded people over here too. Education and globalisation have been so rapid past few years, there are many rational, enlightened, sophisticated, basically all kinds of people here too. But here is a counter-argument. A developed country sees us as a foreigner and we call them racist. We are still developing, and we have also started encountering such cases already. There have been African racism cases this year that have made it to global news agencies. No, few cases don’t prove anything. India is not racist. Let’s hope it never becomes that. But it’ll be hypocrisy if we say we are perfect and others are not. We are all just people all over the world. Some people will definitely be more comfortable in their homeland, but some people are born explorers who just won’t stay at one place. Why cage those free birds?

Also, there are facilities like free ‘quality’ education provided by the government in some countries, free ‘quality’ health care in another country and redemption from tax payment in some other countries. All these attract Indians as they create a better lifestyle. But repeating the crux of this whole dilemma, India is still developing, all those other countries are developed. Maybe in future, all these facilities will be available here too, in good quality that everyone would want. Till then, if you really need that foreign education aid, go ahead! If you can afford a good but expensive education here, go ahead! Different people have different needs, after all.

All these situations can be looked at from different angles, from individual desires to love for the nation. Ultimately, it’s not all people who choose to go out, it won’t be all people who choose to stay here, that’s what freedom is all about.

The dilemma lives on because that’s what ‘open-mind’ is all about. Consider both sides of the coin and don’t refrain from choosing the best option.

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