Naxal affected area attacked again leaving 25 soldiers dead and 5 injured

A Gun battle was reported in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma today in the afternoon, where CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) Jawans were overseeing the construction of a road. Constable Sher Mohammad said that there were about 300 Naxals who ambushed them with AK-47 guns; he was injured in the gun battle that followed.

25 soldiers including the company commander died, as a result of the battle while five soldiers are in a critical condition. The Naxals planned by sending a team of the locals to check the location and then attacked them.  “A 300-strong Naxal group attacked us armed with automatic AK-47 and INSAS rifle. The villagers also helped them,” Constable Sher Mohammad said from a hospital bed.

The 99 soldiers fought hard by retaliating and giving them a tough response;  “We were able to gun down at least 11 to 12 Naxals, I myself shot down two to three.”, said the injured Jawan. He is from Bulandsheher in Uttar Pradesh and was shot by a machine gun in the waist and the knee.

The Naxals attacked them at 12:30 in the afternoon. CRPF’s road clearing party was providing protection to a group of construction workers who were building a road in Chintagufa.

Chintagufa is a densely populated Forest about 70 km from Sukma, which is 360 km away from Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur.

The injured soldiers were airlifted and sent for treatment in Raipur and Jagdalpur. The area, Sukma, in south Bastar has been affected by Naxalites for many years; where they have attacked many soldiers along the period.

An attack was also reported last month where 12 CRPF soldiers were killed and four were injured in a Naxal attack in Sukma.

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