The New Retreat : Man Lives in Sandcastle to Avoid Rent, for REAL!

How good would it feel to wake up to a view of the sea every morning? Ever wondered if you could just leave the everyday bustle and settle far away in the quiet, could the sea be one of your options? Living by the sea does sound divine and splendid, but the finance that needs to be invested along with it always keeps this ultimate dream ‘hanging’ in order to be fulfilled.

However, there is one such person who has solved the enigma of staying by the sea with no proper capital or rent. Marcio Mizael Matolias is the man, who for 22 years has been successful in evading the ridiculous rent of Rio de Janeiro by living in a home made out of sand. When asked, he said that he would prefer to stay inside his creative castle rather than pay up for the high priced apartments in Rio. His house, which basically is in the form of a huge sand castle, stands tall in the beach of Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Matolias is not married and lives a proper bachelor life inside his very own sand paradise. His abode can be regarded as the most suitable retreat for people who like to stay away from noisy company and unwanted public. The interior of the sand structure is filled up with plenty of books, which Matolias declared, he loved reading. Also, the space is exactly enough for a single man and all his belongings can be easily accommodated inside.

There are things which are not meant to last forever. Matolias enjoys the short span of things that perish and shared in a conversation that he is not very materialistic. The sand castle is not quite permanent and at times, tends to get really uncomfortable. The sand traps in heat and the sculptor often has to spend the nights at his friends’ place. Also, the structure requires regular watering, so that the sand does not get dried out. However, these disadvantages do not seem to be irreversible. The best remedy to the problem is simply to build another sand house in a different patch of the beach. Being a sand sculptor, Matolias does not need to travel far for work and can get his job done just nearby his home. The fact that his workplace and residence are so close almost seems like a dream when one is living in a metropolis.

The love that Matolias nurtures in his heart for his castle is so much that he got a crown and declared himself to be the ruler of his place. He also enjoys posing with tourists and foreigners near his masterpiece. The locals of the area have rightly named him as the ‘The King’ because of the majestic shows that he puts up outside his palace.

He likes lying down beside his house on days when it turns too hot to bear the heat of Rio. To ponder upon it, would you think of living in any other place if you could open your eyes to the calm sea every single morning you wake up?


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