Nine years after 26/11-Has security become our prime concern?

mumbai 9/11

Mumbai, November 26,2008
Eyes glued to the television praying for india to win the ODI series opposite England and suddenly at 22:40 first attack happened.
It struck hard.
People running for their lives, trying to save their loved ones but all in vain. There was no space for mercy.
The darkest and probably the longest night country could ever have witnessed.

Hundreds got injured and 166 died including
Police officials and NSG commandos who gave up their lives fighting terrorists.
After three days, this attack died. But it left a lot of questions behind?
Some were answered but some faded with the time.
But there was one question that shook the system. Moreover, turned into a controversy.
“Is the security provided to our police officials and commandos is the best that we can provide?”

The reason behind this was the death of one of our extremely brave and talented police officer HEMANT KARKARE.
“It was claimed that the bullet proof vests, worn by slain Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Hemant Karkare and two other senior officers while fighting terrorists on November 26 last, belonged to the batch of 110 defective pieces purchased by the police way back in 2002, a litigation filed in Bombay high court has alleged.

The petition alleged that a Right to Information inquiry had revealed that the file pertaining to the purchase of these vests had been lost and was not traceable by the department.

The PIL, filed by social activist Santosh Daundkar, comes in the wake of a claim made by Kavita Karkare, widow of the slain police officer, on the basis of an RTI inquiry that the bulletproof jacket worn by her husband was missing.

The Petitioner said according to the specifications of Defence Research and Development Organisation, a bulletproof vest should stretch from neck to the groin. As against this, the jacket, seen in a video frame of Karkare, indicated that a major portion of his upper chest lay exposed.

As a result of defective vests worn by Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar, they were killed when bullets pierced through them, the PIL said.”
Since then, it had been a major cause of concern for defence organisations.
Rather i should put this in this way, “the attack of 26/11 became a eye opener for all of us.”

It taught us that no flaws are considered when you research on a subject of security whether it’s personal or national.
There is no mercy for those who tries to take it lightly.
Fortunately, this thing has been again proven by Maharashtra police. A recent incident caught our eye.
A total of 1430 bulletproof jackets out of 4600 received by the Maharashtra Police in the aftereffects of the 26/11 are returned to their manufacturer as they failed the AK-47 bullet test during trials.
The jackets were returned to kanpur based manufacturing firm in three different batches. They had actually ordered 5000 bullet proof vests from the company, which also provides vests to central security forces,for Rs 17 Crore but received only 4600 pieces after factoring custom duty and other charges.
During the trials conducted at the Chandigarh-based Central Forensic Science Laboratory, only around 3,000 jackets passed the test, another official said, adding that the rest 1,430 jackets were rejected as AK-47 bullets pierced through them during the tests.

This incident has put light on the uncompromising nature of our police force. They are putting in so much effort to ensure the security of their officers.
This is commendable as before the attack these things were not even considered to be important. But now the police force has become more aware.
They want to be prepared for any worse to come in the future. Not only in terms of security, they had also progressed a lot in the field of technology. A lot of research work is being done everyday.
weapons carried by them had been upgraded so that when time comes, officers are in action immediately.

26/11 changed our perspective on a lot of things. From that day casual behaviour was deleted from the handbook of police force and they had leveled up their game.
Adding to the game, the Mumbai Police has moved to a new digital WAP system — APCO 25 system — that allows not only seamless communication but also communication over multiple channels, among others. A total of 4,717 cameras have been installed at 1,510 spots, the feed from which is beamed to the Mumbai Police control room.

Maharashtra government has also set up ‘Force One’, an elite commando force on the lines of National Security Guards (NSG). Apart from this, orders for bulletproof helmets, bulletproof shields and night vision monoculars have also been placed.

There had been immense amount of money and time invested in filling the crippling gaps to make our cities more safe and secure.
“Time can be gracious,
Time can heal
until we respect it.
The minute we undermine it,
we should be prepared,
For the worse to come.
The havoc will kill many,
Leaving a turmoil of emotions,
All neck deep in disgrace and disgust.
Then all we’ll be doing,
Is to justify,
That there was nothing,
Which could have been done,
As there was no time to react.”

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