No more waiting at toll gates- three minutes or free!

When was the last time you used your timer? For all the drivers out there, you might want to start acknowledging that timer app in your phone because that might help you save a few bucks on the boulevard of toll taxes! You know how you hate waiting at the toll tax counter for ages before you get your ticket to move on? Rejoice, for that has to stop now. So the deal is that from now on if you have to wait at the toll tax counter for more than three minutes – 2 minutes 50 seconds to be precise – there is a provision to let the vehicle go without having to pay a rupee.

We have Advocate Hariom Jindal to thank for this dash of happiness. He was the one who had filed an RTI last year, hence this piece of vital information has been revealed. Mr, Jindal had posted the official response from National Highway Authority on Facebook last Sunday, also disclosing the fact that the toll collection company has been attempting to deceive the people by totally invalidating the rule and continuing to work in the same tedious manner.

With this new bit of new information being public, I assume road rage would go down considerably. Well, at least around the toll roads hopefully. Nonetheless, keep your timers in check guys!

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