North Korea conducts its 6th Nuclear Test and the UN pushes through its toughest sanctions yet

Rogue nation and aspiring nuclear superpower North Korea recently ‘successfully’ tested a 100 Kiloton Hydrogen Bomb.

North Korea’s national media announced to the world that the nation has successfully tested the “two stage thermonuclear weapon,” going on to report that the bomb can be loaded onto an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). The international community, however, highly doubts the validity of such a claim. So far only 5 nations have been successful in this- USA, Russia, China, UK and France. Even India’s position in the club of nations having tested such a thermonuclear weapon is debated.

With poverty in North Korea being rife as well as technological advancements possible in the hermit kingdom being questionable, the international community at large highly questions the ability of North Korea to have pulled off the feat. An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 felt little, while from the testing of the Hydrogen Bomb at the test site indicated quite the contrary to most of the world. Japanese authorities say it is absolutely certain that the cause for the earthquake was a nuclear test or the Hydrogen Bomb.

According to officials measuring the impact (in southern parts of the tensed Korean peninsula), the bomb had a magnitude of up to 120 Kilotons of TNT. All of this comes in the light of the recent very loud proclamations by the country of nuking the US mainland anytime soon as its ICBM has been successfully launched and tested. However, possibilities of a full-blown nuclear war between the two are unrealistic with the costs of US incited Pre-emptive strike being too high.

Although the move – North Korea’s sixth nuclear test, since 2009 when these first began coming up-has called for a new and very fresh round of United Nations (UN) sanctions hailing to be its toughest set of sanctions.

After the tests, US President Donald Trump put out a series of tweets on twitter referring to South Korea’s negotiating behaviour on the matter and how it is failing them. His tweets also mentioned about how much of an embarrassment the Chinese were now suffering.

Meanwhile, North Korea responded by saying it would now give the United States of America ‘Real Pain’.

Source: CNN website

The 120 Kiloton bomb was one of the first of its kind of the North Korean territory.

North Korea’s last nuclear test had a weight of only 10 Kilotons and the unprecedented testing of a 120 Kiloton bomb grabbed a lot of eyeballs and attention upon the rate at the which the previously deemed ‘Hermit’ kingdom can upgrade its defence technology.
While neighbouring South Korea has been given this as another addition to its already extensive causes of worry about its neighbor, the threat for United States depends on whether the state has upgraded the technology to an extent where it is small enough to be mounted on an ICBM- the possibility of which is said to be still unlikely.

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