How Old is ‘Too Old’: Indian Youth Progressing from the Traditional Ways of Matrimony?

How Old is 'Too Old': Indian Youth Progressing from the Traditional Ways of Matrimony?

You are 30 years old and quite successful in life; you own a house, you can financially support yourself and your parents and are almost contended with the life you have until some relatives or neighbors knock at your door and drop the question- “Beta, shaadi kab karoge?”

Let’s face it! In India, if you are happy and successful, the big thing that awaits you is getting married. Tying the knot becomes mandatory, not because you are in love, but because it is the next best thing to do. You wouldn’t be asked questions on your profession or your interest once your age and your singularity is known to people. However, even after such remarks, the youth of India has maintained to break through the conventions and lead life in a way that they aspire to. There are many people who choose to remain single and there are others, who believe in starting a family only when the time is right. They take time in making the big decision of when to get hitched and it seems like the perfect thing to do. Rather than having failed marriages, the young generation believes in being prepared for what they would have to face.

Marriage ability cannot blatantly depend on age. A person can only know the ways and rules of the world we live in, with proper time and experience. Rushing into things can only make matters worse. Definitely, people have come to terms with this fact and applied it in their life. At the present time, we can hardly find anybody who plans to get married at the age of 25 and settle down with life. People are much more focused on their careers, or on their passions. Marriage is quite a big decision; it does not end with just the rituals. Finance, assets, housing, kids, etc need to be thought of and not all people might want that. The recent culture of marrying only when one is ready helps to sort everything out according to the wish of the person, along with proper timing. Marriage in the later ages has become quite a common phenomenon these days and people mostly do not bother about the ideal age of marriage.

Realizing the ‘self’ before taking nuptial vows is crucial to leading a pleasing and fulfilling married life. However, it is also true that most people stay oblivious to their own individuality and personality before getting married. Their success, dreams and happiness cannot find full expression in a younger age. Investing more time to get married enables them to avail to plenty of scopes to comprehend the meaning of an ideal life, according to them and how they want to spend rest of their life. The one thing that is not constant and keeps changing with age is human perspectives. As we get older, we tend to think differently and develop better perspectives of things around us. The things we do during our teenage years does not attract us any more in our mid twenties. Everything we do in our mid twenties seem to be completely foolish in our thirties. The change that undergoes within us is exceedingly favorable and helpful for the inner growth of an individual. It brings about the strength to deal with marriage in an efficient and healthy manner. Getting married in the middle age means allowing the ‘self’ to grow and alter in order to be set for the new life. Experience teaches us a lot of things about life and helps us take decisions in a more mature way by keeping all our prospects realistic. We develop a better idea of a relationship and have a good sense of what we are looking for in a marital life.

The recent wedding celebration of Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar is just the perfect example of people taking their right time to get settled. Model-turned-actor, Milind Soman had been dating girlfriend, Ankita for four long years now. She is an air hostess from Assam, and also shares his passion in keeping fit and healthy. The two have traveled to places together and also, took part in various shows and competitions. Regardless of their age difference, the two have maintained a successful routine and never let society make a mockery out of the beautiful relation they shared. In a private ceremony with friends and family, the two got married in Alibaug on the 22nd of April, 2018. Ankita, who is 27 years old, made a beautiful bride and looked every bit happy for being together with the man of her life.

Soman is 52 and yet, he took his own little time to decide and settle with what life brings to him. This inspiration can encourage other people to take it slow and understand the fact that marriage is not a piece of work that needs to be done; it is rather an action of taking responsibility.  Their love story is an illustration of how love is not constrained by age or time, it surely goes beyond that.

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