One day, the sharp end may face your side.

                          “What is the use of the sixth sense if it does not respect the value of other five senses?”

The word ‘sacrifice’ takes everyone down the nostalgic lane, all the way to the period of our independence. We remember them- our freedom fighters and leaders on every Independence Day, for the sacrifices they made to free us from the clutches of the British. Their sacrifices were irrespective of the religion they belonged to. They fought and sacrificed their lives for a reason. The saffron in our national flag symbolizes courage and sacrifices of our leaders. But, how many of you resisted nostalgia and stayed in the present? A few or none.

‘barbaric’ animal sacrifices

There is a cruel practice prevailing in this world in the name of sacrifice. While some sacrifices are cherished, some are not. Animal sacrifice falls into the second category. But, what is the reason behind animal sacrifice? Why kill those five-sensed creatures in the name of God? This is not narrowed down to any specific religion. It is being practised by the people of all religion. Why? It took humans, years of time to transform from hunters into civilized people. Domestication of animals and agriculture played a major role. But the transformation is not yet complete.

It is very common to see animals being killed mercilessly during the time of EID, Christmas and some Hindu festivals. Their lives are forcefully taken without their will. In some parts of the world, animal sacrifice is carried out to sooth the soul of their almighty. Some people sacrifice the lives of animals to wash away their sins, whereas some community slaughters animals for feasts and some people practise it for the welfare of the place they live in. There is no connection between their actions and their reasons. There is no connection between rainfall and animal sacrifice. It is mentioned nowhere in Quran, Bible or Bhagavad Gita that animal sacrifice is one of the ways to reach God. Both birth and death are controlled by nature. If God, for whom all these brutal acts are carried out, has created a life then why kill it in the very own name of god? It is a complete disgrace to the word ‘sacrifice’ if it is imposed on a life. Why does the humanity of people vanish when they have a knife in their hands? If there is a necessity for a sacrifice, why not sacrifice your own lives and the lives of your loved ones? Why not, be a part of our elite club of leaders? What if the god of your religion appears in front of you, and asks for your life for their sake?

                                “The blood strain in the hands of a butcher will haunt him for the rest of his life”

Jesus Christ never asks for meat on the day of Christmas. Allah is not going to consume the meat you present him on EID. Lord Rama never supported animal slaughter. Why taste the blood of innocent animals to quench your thirst? What is the purpose of living if you don’t know the value of a life? A life is a life; that has to be treated equally. The death of those sinners is will happen in the same brutal way. The same dagger is waiting for those butchers who ended the lives of animals. Love for life is the purest form of divinity. What is the purpose of following a religion if you are acting against it? Slitting the throat of animals is equal to piercing the hearts of your gods. The amount of blood you sacrifice will be taken back from your own body. These evil deeds do not radiate positivity.

The way your dog licks your face when you return back home is called unconditional love. The way your parrot calls out your name is called true affection. The tears your pets shed when you are hurt

is called true emotion. The way your sheep and calf play with you in the farm field is called true joy. Justice would be done for your religion and your god if these kinds of sacrifices are stopped.

Let us learn to respect lives and nature the way they are. Let us not intervene in the life cycle designed by nature.

                                                “Never ever forget that we were one among them in the past.”

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