The perils of society: Men being falsely accused of sexual abuse

Feminism is the ideology that seeks equality in rights and equal status in society for every gender and sexual orientation. The human society has been a patriarchal society since time immemorial. Yet, females have fought for their rights over the centuries to break free of the societal notions of male superiority. The battle still goes on in the 21st century wherein females are not considered equal to men. In this eternal battle, not only millions of female, but also several men who are able to perceive the gravity of misogyny, have joined in. To an extent, this pervasiveness of this movement has been established although its purpose has not been achieved yet.

But there have also been several cases where females have taken undue advantage of the laws which have been enforced because of the feminist movement. What most people are unable to comprehend is the fact that feminism works both ways. It preaches equality between males and females; so if a man has been wronged in some way or the other by a female, he has the right to accuse the female all the same. Yet, this age has seen an awkward uprising of a kind of pseudo-feminism where females misuse the movement to pacify their angered emotions or any trifle in their mind against a male. Several females have indulged in the perilous act of falsely accusing an innocent man of sexual abuse for the most trivial reason.

Several cases have been registered where a man was accused of sexually hurting a female. After thorough investigation, in the end, it was found that the female was lying blatantly and had registered false allegations against the male. Recently, a post on Facebook was put up by a man, in which he elaborated on how a female who he knew alleged him. He explained his situation on how he was invited over by the female to her place where they indulged in consensual sex, but later on the female had something else to say. She complained that the man took advantage of her. But the situation took a scandalous turn when the man put up the post elucidating his side of the story. He also uploaded screenshots of their WhatsApp conversation wherein they were flirting comfortably. Later the chat also gives an evidence for the fact that the woman was quite comfortable with the intercourse. This is only example of one incident. A long list of such incidents has been observed all over the world.

This is really a bothersome situation. Men are entitled to equality as much as women. Such an allegation can land a man I jail on untrue rape charges. It would be a very unjust incidence if such a man had to spend several days behind the bars for a crime he did not commit. It is essential for us to discern that a man can be just as much of a victim as a woman. Crime and justice do not adhere to any sexual orientation. The battle should be fought against all the criminals who misuse laws or the ones who break them and cause turmoil in the society and put an innocent man to the mouth of plight.

Only a person with an absolutely blinkered moral compass would even consider using a false allegation, much less one as a true one, as rape as an instrument of revenge or convenient excuse for taking part in consensual sex. There is just a single situation in which an allegation of rape is appropriate: on account of a true sexual assault. Not as an attempt to get back at somebody you’re angry with for different reasons. False allegations are likewise a slap in the face to genuine victims of rape and sexual abuse.

What needs to be kept in mind while discerning the issue is that it should not be generalized for all females who have fought for equality even during the times when a man was violated. Our fight is against a percent of the population who call themselves a ‘feminist’, but they do not understand the concept and end up abusing it because of low morality. Misuse of these laws not put an innocent man in peril, but other than that, it also gives the feminist movement a tainted image. Also, because of such incidents, real victim of sexual abuse is looked at through sceptical eyes.

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