PERSPECTIVES : A Life-Changing Opportunity to Grab!

PERSPECTIVES : A Life-Changing Opportunity to Grab!

“Life changes, when you change the way you look at it.” – Pronita Tripathi.

They say life is an U-turn. In every person’s life, there comes this one chance, to change everything. And this is the U-turn of his/her life. When it comes to dreams, we can capture sunbeams in a glass jar, but dreaming is not enough. We need to seize that one opportunity which life throws at our way. We must pick it up. And instead of kicking it away like a road-side pebble, we must treasure it in our human hands.

I want to tell you about a beautiful perspective of things which two of my science teachers shared.

Our Biology teacher at school asked us,”What is the greatest gift given to the human race by God ?” She used to tell us” It is the power of reasoning – what is good, what is bad? What is wrong, what is right? It’s a wonderful gift that we have; to think, to reason, to invent. It’s a magical power.”

Our Chemistry teacher asked us the same question. But his answer was different. When one of us answered – “The power of reasoning.”, Sir said,” The power of reasoning is good in elephants too. If one elephant limps, the entire herd, even if there are 100 elephants; slow down. They reason well. We have a very poor sense of reasoning. Nobody taught lions to hunt. Have you seen a pride of lions hunt? They have the power of reasoning. But my question remains unanswered – What is the greatest gift God gave to the human race?”.

He smiled at our blank faces and said, “ The power of smile. We have taken it for granted, isn’t it? But it is a powerful weapon, children. A very powerful weapon! Use it wisely and as many times as you can. Its our special gift and it is a very beautiful one too. It has tremendous powers. After all, the power of love is greater than that of enmity. No one wins in a war. No one loses in love.

So, what is your story, what is your U-turn? Share your tales with us in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

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