How practical education and vocational training is the stairway to true progress.

Students performing practical in Lab

It is said,”Knowledge is Power”. Today, in this competitive world, a person would be lost like a needle in a haystack if he doesn’t possess knowledge. Knowledge does not only mean Theoretical Knowledge but Practical Knowledge as well. One must have often heard the saying,”Pen is mightier than the sword” but not when you are on the battlefield. There we can’t draw scriptures of fighting tactics into the enemy’s face. There you need skills. Extending the same to knowledge, practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge. Therefore education needs to equip students with practical exposure together with theoretical one.

There was a time when notebook and pencil were sufficient tools for study in the classroom. In today’s world, students need much more to prepare for the competitive world. The present education system is not sufficient. Student do not play any active role in the attainment of knowledge. It is mainly based on theoretical knowledge rather than the practical one. That is why students who succeed well in their college examinations fail miserably in the examination of life.

School and colleges must focus on the practical aspect of education. Practical education enables the child to learn things more efficiently. It clears the theoretical concept and even helps the child to grasp quickly. Exactly what the science laboratories were meant for in the schools. We needed to get in there to know how various chemical reactions take place, how chemicals change their color, how to use various equipment, etc. Sitting in the classroom, we would have only struggled with our textbooks. Application clears the doubt and makes sure it is learnt for life, not just for the next exam. It even provides relaxation after sitting the entire day in the classroom. Similarly, so are the computer labs in the school.

In the world, where now, almost every task is done on a computer, it teaches us to use computers, learn various things on computer, etc. There still exist many schools where such practical knowledge are not imparted to students, where there is a computer lab but not sufficient computers, where there are no such science labs, etc.

Why isn’t practical knowledge given much importance, or treated same as theoretical knowledge? It is very easy to open the book and learn it but what about understanding it! Practical learning helps in the proper understanding of theoretical concepts.

Sadly, for most of us today, education is something one needs to hastily get over with. That is why there is no planned framework for how kids can take a topic from their textbooks and apply it to their lives. Especially in college, where most often, you do what you intend to pursue all your life, you can’t rely on a five hundred page notebook (which usually people open a couple of days before the exam) to equip you with all you need to know. Watching a movie “Chak de India” will not teach you how to play hockey(will only inspire you), but going to the ground and playing it yourself, will surely do.

Education needs to focus more on vocation in this job oriented era. There is a need for better planning and an ocean of change in the definitions of knowledge. Knowlеdgе should not bе only rеstrictеd to books.

Application, еxposurе and еxpеrimеntation should bе pеrformеd. It will not only broadеn thе thinking and outlook of a child but also clеar a lot of misconcеptions for thosе who think thеy know it all. Important lеssons will bе lеarnt oncе thеy tеst thеmsеlvеs, faltеr and discovеr.

Unlеss and until a pеrson gеts on thе cyclе and ridеs it, hе cannot lеarn how to control it. Similar is the case with еducation, unlеss thе child appliеs his knowlеdgе, еxpеrimеnt it, thе child can nеvеr lеarn . In conclusion, it sееms that giving importancе to practical еducation would lеad to bеttеr еconomy, skillеd labour and nеwеr opportunitiеs.

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