Pulse makes a sweet entry in the 300 crore sales club

We all love candies. They form an integral part of anyone’s childhood. And the best part is that there are numerous names and flavors to our favorite candies. Toffee used in confectionery can be mixed with any available ingredient to produce a variety of flavors: rum and butter, chocolate coat, vanilla and chocolate, rum and raisin, raspberry, and honeycomb, chocolate and strawberry and many to name a few.
‘PULSE’ is one of the most popular candies, with a tangy twist. The “Kachcha Aam” flavored candy has a tangy tasting liquid filled inside the candy that tantalizes the Indian taste buds across all age groups. Taking inkling from the umbrella brand Pass Pass, PULSE is positioned on touching the pulse with friendship and love. Be it making new friends or maintaining existing friendship; the brand seeks to be the reason behind everything. The candy is not mere candy but an experience of flavors combined with the emotion and feeling of sharing and lovingness.

Pulse Candy

Pulse candy is growing fast with its business in India. Pass Pass Pulse has recently introduced Orange flavor, with the promise of a taking you down the memory lane of having an orange with tangy masala. So, Orange is the third flavor in the Pulse lining, with Kachcha Aam and Guava as their first flavors.
It is available in pillow pack at the cost of Re.1 per pack. But within two years of its launch in 2015, the homegrown Pass Pass Pulse candy has reportedly crossed the Rs 300 crore sales mark in the market, beating renowned, blue chip multinational brands such as Coca-Cola and Oreo.
The candy market in India, worth Rs 6,600 crore, is growing at an annual rate of 12-14%. Italy’s Perfetti, which makes Alpenliebe, Chlor-mint, Mentos candy and Happydent chewing gum, leads the market with more than Rs 2,000 crore as annual sales.
Parle, ITC Ltd, and Wrigley are the other major competitors.But its Pulse that is racing up to competition and heating up the scenario with its ever- trending, highly soaring score.
Priced at Re 1, the candy ticked to Rs 100 crore in revenue within eight months of its launch. It has now become the centerpiece for the DS Group, which also makes Rajnigandha pan masala, Catch spices and Pass Pass mouth freshener.
In the upcoming years, the confectionery business will be one of the top priority businesses as far as the market scenario is concerned. But whatever be the competition in the market, we are concerned with the toffee’s taste and if you too feel the same, then do mention below your favorite flavor of Pulse.

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