Rahul Gandhi confidentially meets Chinese envoys, denies and then accepts it abruptly. What was the cause behind this?

Did Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi meet the Chinese ambassador Luo Zhaohui on 8 July? After first having denied the meeting, the Congress admitted, on the afternoon of 10 July, that Gandhi had met the Chinese ambassador to India.

Rahul Gandhi met Chinese ambassador without the acknowledgement of foreign affairs minister or any ruling governmental body. The meeting was kept completely confidential but when few photographs of Ra-Ga in China delivering speeches and waving the crowd came out Congress leader, Randeep Surjewala denied the meet by tweeting that,” A wanting to be ‘Bhakt’ channel will not question 3 Union Ministers visiting China or PM’s bonhomie & praise at G20 yet run fake news!”. Later that day the Chinese envoy made a post on their website saying that “On July 8, Ambassador Luo Zhaohui met Rahul Gandhi, vice chairman of the Congress party and exchanged views on current Sino-Indian relations. I attended the meeting”. After this information was posted it went viral. With no choice left with Ra-Ga and the Congress party admitted their meet. To make it clear Rahul Gandhi posted that he didn’t just meet Chinese ambassador but also the Ex-NSA, Congress leaders from NE and the Bhutanese Ambassador.

He says that it is his job “to be informed” about the critical issues. The question that lies here is that why should Rahul Gandhi be informed about the “critical issues”’ when he is keeping matters discreet and above all, lying about all the meets that he had with the ambassadors around the globe. The Congress party is in full force to protect and support Rahul Gandhi in every way. “In the normal course of business, people meet other people. People in public life, meet each other and acquaint themselves. We have nothing more to say about this”, said Manish Tiwari, Congress Leader. In the contradiction, if people meet people for normal business purposes why to keep it a secret? Why doesn’t Ra-Ga tell everybody what was discussed in the meets? It’s our prime minister’s job to look after and meet the ambassadors and the presidents around the globe then why is Congress party interfering in the strategies and the diplomacy of India?

Every foreign meet regarding the welfare of India should be informed to the foreign minister yet why was India kept in darkness about all the meets Rahul Gandhi had? China precisely said that no bilateral meetings will take place between India and China yet an unknown meeting was held.

India wants to know what were the matters discussed in the meeting? There have been disputes in India and China for over a century which does not seem to resolve in any case. India has ignored China’s warning of “serious consequences” because the country refused to withdraw its soldiers from what Beijing claims as its territory across the border in Sikkim. China claims that early in June, Indian soldiers entered the region it calls Donglang and stopped Chinese troops from constructing a road there though an agreement signed with British in 1890 states that the land belongs to them.

But India and Bhutan say the area where the land is being built belongs to Bhutan, which did not sign the treaty, and counts on India for diplomatic and military support. Last week, in uncharacteristically blunt remarks, the Chinese ambassador Luo Zhaohui said in an interview that there was “no scope for compromise” and that, India must pull back its soldiers. Defence Minister Arun Jaitley retorted that the India of 2017 “is different from that of 1962 which previously declared a war”.


PM Modi met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Germany last week a day after Beijing announced “the atmosphere was not right” for a bilateral meeting. The leaders, however, had an informal discussion on “a range of topics”, said the Foreign Ministry, refusing to comment on whether the Sikkim confrontation was part of the talks.

Being that said, in such a sensitive situation, a secret meet by Congress party with the ambassador of China and then lying about it doesn’t seem right in any sense. If Congress didn’t do anything wrong as they claim then why did they deny about the meeting in the morning and then accept that to be true in the evening. If it was just a casual meet as the leaders of Congress suggest then why should it be a secret? But when the news came out and Rahul Gandhi had to accept his confidential meet, he didn’t just accept it calmly instead in the next tweet he made a direct attack on the ruling party and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that why is he silent on China? He also made a note to share a pic around 2 years old of Pm Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jingping stating that I’m not the one sitting on the swing and doing nothing while 1000 Chinese troops physically entered India, well people would like to add here what exactly are YOU doing against it? Holding mysterious meets with envoys and then lying about it? The 47-year-old politician tweeted that he has the right to meet the envoy and also raised a question that “If the government is so concerned about me meeting an Ambassador , they should explain why 3 Ministers are availing Chinese hospitality while the border issue”

The Indian border is seriously on an issue with a number of Chinese troops entering the Country but while the soldiers are fighting day and night against them giving their life for this country is it right for a Congress leader to travel around the globe and have surreptitious meets with their ambassadors without the acknowledgement of India?

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