Rajnikant announced his decision about entering politics , Now “Politics joins Rajni” and “Elections will fight Rajnikant”

All the suspense that was about the South Superstar Rajnikant entering into politics has ended on the last day of 2017. In Raghavendra Hall in Chennai, Rajnikanth announced that he is definitely entering politics. Addressing his fans in Chennai on Tuesday, December 26, the superstar Rajinikant had made it clear that he will decide whether he will enter politics or not on December 3, he made the official announcement.

Rajnikanth has said that he will form a party before entering the Tamil Nadu assembly elections and will contest the elections on all the seats of the state. He said, “Democracy is in a very bad state at this time, the other states make fun of us (Tamil Nadu). I feel very bad, therefore I have made this decision.”

Rajnikant further said, “In the name of democracy, the leaders are robbing us. Apart from our money, our land is also being looted, so we want to change its system.”

Talking about his party, Rajnikanth said, “The purpose of our party is the truth, work, and progress. The elections will be fought. ”

Prior to joining politics, Rajnikanth said, “There is a lot of speculation about my coming to politics. I will tell my decision on December 31. I am not new to politics. I know what is the harm after entering politics. Because of which I am reluctant. We need both discretion and strategy to come into politics. If you step into the battleground then you have to win. ‘

At the same time, Rajinikant’s wife Lata says that this is her husband’s personal decision. She is with her husband in every situation and in any decision. Along with this, Kamal Haasan has also announced at the public forum that he has a desire to work with Rajinikanth if he comes to politics.

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