Rewind 2017 to look back at the viral memes that made us laugh!

We have already entered into the new year 2018 and bid farewell to 2017.Like every year 2017  also gave us a lot of memories. In this special package, we are going to tell you what went viral on social media for the whole year. Did you take ‘Selfie maine le li aaj’ from Dhinchak Pooja, ‘Message’ people through Sarahah, or did you ever shop online? Drawing the attention of everyone by asking these questions. There are many such viral contents, which we can not easily be forgetten.

Sarahah app

Sarahah was such an app in which people got an opportunity to express their feelings about others. The special thing was that the information of the messenger was kept secret. In such a situation, it was not known to anyone that who has done the message. This app became popular on social media as soon as it arrived. There were hardly few who did not share messages of Sarahah on their Facebook timeline. This app was created by Zen al-Abeidin Tawfik, 29, of Saudi Arabia.

Shahrukh Khan Selfie

Shahrukh Khan’s selfie made a Common Girl famous. In fact, during the promotion of ‘Raees’, Shahrukh has clicked the selfies with Fans in Pune. There was a lot of discussion on the internet about a girl wearing a shirt of olive green color.

Dhinkacha Pooja

‘Selfie maine le li aaj’ this song became very viral on the internet. Singer Dhinkach Pooja of this song also became a social media sensation for singing it in an unusual and funny way. Their popularity can be judged by the fact that Dhinchak Pooja was given a wildcard entry in Big Boss season 11.

Despacito and Shape of you Song

These two foreign songs were well liked by the Indian people. The popularity of ‘Despacito’ song was so immense that it was heard by more than 2 billion times by people. Pop Singer Louis Pansy and Daddy Yankee’s song of Porto Rico became an Internet sensation. Not only this, Singer Ed Sheeran’s various versions of the song ‘Shape of You’ was widely shared on social media.

Kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya h?

Advertising of Trivago on TV has become very popular. In this ad one person asks,’ kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?’ People were so disturbed by this line that person who appeared in this ad , Abhinav Kumar, was trolled very badly on social media. Although Abhinav has made a different identity by irritating people.

Aao kabhi haveli pe

Amrish Puri was a great artist. He played both negative and positive characters in movies. There was a tremendous trend on ‘Ao Kabhi Haveli pe’ on social media. It was not something else but old photographs of Amrish Puri were reconstructed and transformed  into hillarious memes. They were liked by the netizens very much


A 13-14 year old boy has trapped on the Internet a few days ago In a 3-minute video, Kamlesh gave a very funny interview, in which he tells that he is intoxicated. It was a serious matter, however, due to the boy’s style, the video went very viral

Ye bik gayi hai gormint

The dialogue ‘ye bik gayi hai gormint’ by a woman, became immensely popular. A video appeared on social media, in which a Pakistani woman is using the abusive language in anger for the government there. People made fun of this woman’s abusive dialogue.

Kaun Banega Crorepati Meme

Kaun Banega Crorepati is not only one of the most popular shows on Indian TV but also became the trend of social media in 2017. People made a lot of meme on the style of Amitabh Bachchan’s dialogues on the show.


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