Rocket Launchers to Ammos – You name it, they have it. NIA’s horrific recoveries from ISIS search operation

Rocket Launchers to Ammos – You name it, they have it. NIA's horrific recoveries from ISIS search operation

Barely a day after Christmas it has come to our knowledge that ISIS had outlined and almost executed a major attack on India. On the afternoon of Wednesday, the NIA (National Investigation Agency) called in for a news briefing thereby disclosing appalling facts and data about the prospective attack. Search operations and raids were conducted in as many as 17 locations ranging from Delhi to Uttar Pradesh. A total of 6 locations in the Seelampur area of Delhi were searched. Apart from this, cities like Lucknow and Meerut were a target of the inspection. The search operations were assisted by the Delhi Police and the Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS).

In a statement given by NIA IG Alok Mittal, he says, “They weren’t just making some bombs but a large number of bombs”, thus, revealing the massive scale of attack they were planning. According to him, it was an “ISIS-inspired module” that was being built. It’s been brought to our notice that the planning of the series of blasts was on its absolute last stage. While some searches are still being carried out the police have managed to seize numerous materials from these sites. Precisely speaking they recovered, 135 sim cards, enormous amounts of weapon and ammunition, a country-made rocket launcher, 120 alarm clocks to make detonators, over a hundred mobile phones, memory cards, laptops, Rs.7.5 lakhs, and 25 kilos of explosive chemicals used to make remote-controlled bombs.

There were a total of 16 suspects out of which the police have arrested and accused 10, moreover even released the names of the ones arrested. Half being from Delhi while the other half from UP. Interrogations are still being conducted and some more arrests are yet expected to take place. As per the latest reports, it is believed that an international handler was working behind the scenes and executing the plot. The identity and nationality of the handler is yet to be investigated. However, the identity of the local chief leader of the module has been disclosed. He goes by the name Mufti Mohammad Suhail; a resident of Amroha. It is believed that he is the primary influencer who’s played an important part in organising the racket.

The bombings were primarily aimed at vital institutions, security installations, crowded places, and VIPs. NIA has gathered information that points to the fact that this was a self –funded module. Some of the arrested are believed to have even robbed their own homes for gold which they further sold for cash. Platforms such as Whatsapp and Telegram have been used extensively for internal communication by the accused. It’s understood that the planning and plotting had been taking place for a good 3 to 4 months.

The accused come from diverse backgrounds. All fall in the category of middle – income groups.  One of them is a businessman, two are two are students, a rickshaw driver, an imam, a mechanic, and one is a pharmacist. A suspect is said to female and is under interrogation currently. The arrested are also said to be “highly radicalised”. It’s likely that more raids will be conducted in the future to prevent serious attacks such as these.

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