Roti Kapda aur Makaan- crucial realities hid behind beaming eyes.

Children effected by poverty living in unhygienic scenarios
 “It’s time to change the world.” 
You will come across such motivational lines every now and then – as someone’s Whats App status or as fancy profile descriptions. But how far is this enthusiasm exerted in the real world? No idea, right? Such impressive phrases are limited only to social media handles .The hard-hitting reality is this-
 The old, wrecked shacks of clay where only mud is the floor and the roof trenches water through its cracks, as if it is falling into decay.  The pale faces of children reflecting hunger and suffering, waiting, hand-in-hand in long queues for food and other rudimentary necessities to survive this misery. The faces though sallow will give you a glimpse of hope in their beaming eyes. A hope for better days, where their families do not have to borrow and crush their bones for “Roti- Kapda- Makaan.” A desire that brotherhood and togetherness will help them brook their days of agony and emptiness.
We’re in the 21st century where the youth is considered to be the route of a brighter future of the nation and the source to lessen the darken hopes. Yet, the face of India is that of poverty-stricken children exposed to exploitation and deprivation. This relentless poverty is stealing away the pace and grace of a child’s development which cannot be regained. Memories of this struggle will daunt them in the coming years.
Poverty is purely human-made. It prevails where people are mute and discounted. It needs to be eradicated from the roots to make our society fearless in its approach.
We are modernized in the way we dress and the way we spend. But such crucial realities do not reflect civilization or development as far as the society is concerned. Our grief is born on witnessing their malady. It is impotent unless it stimulates us to stop exploitation so that their eyes twinkle with a ray of hope and the clues of what they are searching for.

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