Sailor, 54, rescued alive after drifting in the sea for seven months with his cat

French Coast Guards found a Polish sailor in the Indian Ocean. Sailor says that he was wandering in the ocean for seven months with his cat on a broken boat. But the mystery is how did he survive?

Investigators are trying to understand where the 54-year-old sailor he came from and where did he stay all this time. The sailor says that he was traveling to go to South Africa in a boat from Comoro Island near the coast of Mozambique in the month of May.

In this journey of two thousand kilometers, he had to go down south towards Mozambique channel. The Mozambican channel is a busy shipping route and the waves rising in it were extremely powerful for this navigator boats. Rather than South Africa, the waves have blown him somewhere else. On Sunday, the French coastguards near Réunion Island of France rescued the wandering sailor on the Christmas day.

Between Mozambique and Réunion, Madagascar is the world’s fourth-largest island. This sailor says that he and his cat survived on half a packet of Chinese soup per day, at the same time, he used to catch some fish from the sea.He was all alone these days and couldn’t have survived if his pet cat would not have accompanied him. France’s SNSM Coast Guard Service says that all the equipment present on this vessel’s boat were damaged by the high rise of waves, so he had no way of contacting anyone.

The sailor further says that his tale started with his journey in 2014 when he had traveled to India from his home in America and had bought this boat with the intention of sailing to Poland. He himself made some changes in the boat itself. But as soon as he left the port, the boat broke down because there was a problem in its mast. ‘We drifted towards the Somali coast, then towards the Maldives, and then Indonesia again,’ he said.

Several times I could see land but I could never steer towards it. I spotted several ships but the battery on my radio was dead.’

Doctors say that now he is undernourished and locals are helping him with food and clothes. For the first time in these seven months, he had been able to stand on land and now wants to live a normal life like other people.

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