It’s all about how you say it: 30 brand names you might have been pronouncing wrong

Me: Hey! I bought this from AMA-ZOHN

FRIEND: (laughing) It’s AMA-ZUN.

It is very likely that you have experienced something of this sort at some point in your life. In today’s world of ever-burgeoning brands, it is quite a common to get the pronunciation wrong. And these situations are often quite embarrassing, especially in front of friends, who might mock or imitate you for days to come. The correct pronunciation acts a sign of your fluency and reveals a lot about your personality. It forms an essential part of your image, and helps in better and clearer communication. How you pronounce each word also plays a huge role in interviews, and any slight error can leave a damaging impression on your interviewer.

Getting a brand name wrong might be a common mistake, but knowing how to say it right can definitely set you apart from the crowd. So, here are a few brands that are frequently mispronounced:

How many did you get right? Some of these names might have even made you laugh at yourself. But that’s alright. It is all part of the learning process to saying it right and making a lasting impression!

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