Self-taught and Self-made: In conversation with Yash Dhandharia

Yash Dhandharia, Founder, NAACS

We all want to make it big, we all want to excel in our fields and we all work hard for it. But here’s a young man, named Yash Dhandharia, who didn’t pursue higher education post class 12th and immediately began working for his dream. He worked as an intern for a major e-commerce company for a period of 10 months. He gained a lot of experience and learnt a lot about the e-commerce sector.

He returned to his hometown to partner in a startup which unfortunately had to shut down a year after. Being interested in Artificial Intelligence, Yash started learning more about AI on the internet via different websites. Apart from learning about AI, he was learning about Industrial Automation and Machine Vision from his uncle.

Two months after shutting down his first venture; Yash co-founded Neural Automation & Control Systems (NAACS). NAACS is a tech startup which focuses on automating existing factories using micro-controllers, sensors, PLCs and Artificial Intelligence. It helps industries achieve a higher efficiency and also helps in reducing costs.

The three major categories of NAACS are:

  1. Customized Industrial Automation Solutions
  2. Specialized Machines for Standard Processes
  3. Machine Vision Solutions

Yash tells us, “In India, most of the factories are run either manually or semi-automatically. Due to this, production and efficiency of the factories suffer. Skilled labor is hard to find and is very expensive. This leads to an increase in the overall price of the product”.

NAACS provides solutions at affordable prices so that everyone can be a part of the upcoming “Age of Automation”. The team consists of three people. Mr. Anshuman Goyal, Mr. Ashwin Agarwal, and Yash Dhandharia.

Yash always wanted to solve real world problems. He always knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur and he followed his passion. These factors combined with the curiosity to know how things work, the challenges of Artificial Intelligence and the urge to do something creative drove him to start this company. NAACS provides solutions customized for the Indian industries. Yash tells us about NAACS, “Each solution is crafted by keeping in mind the machines in the factory, the way of working of the factory and the requirement of the customer. We cater to all sizes of industries and have priced our solutions accordingly. While programming, we keep in mind all the errors that a factory can face. We have a near perfect error handling system that ensures the safety of the machines as well as people”.

He also tells us about some of the few ‘state of art’ machines made, such as the Automatic Moisture Controller which enables the client to get the desired water content in their products. The Machine Vision Solutions, of NAACS, include standard software for monitoring loading/unloading of cargo, facial recognition system, eye scanner system, counting the number of objects in a given area, etc.

As the concept is fairly new for the industry, he had a tough time penetrating the market. Yash mentions, “We went on many visits, talked to a lot of people, and showed them our products. To gain their trust, we changed our payment method. We allowed our clients to use a demo solution for a short period of time and pay only if they were satisfied. If they weren’t they could always return the system”.

Yash also tells flairtales that he aims to provide the best Industrial Automation solutions possible. “I think that if you work hard enough then, with just a little bit of luck, you can make everything perfect”, he quotes.

The most satisfying thing about being an entrepreneur, according to Yash, is that you work for yourself. You do what you believe in. And that is the best thing in the world.

His advice to other entrepreneurs can be shortened in just two points;
A) Nothing is impossible
B) Never give up.

Yash ends the talk by saying, “You just need to work hard enough. You need to be persistent. You need to believe in what you are doing. So do what you believe in”.

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