Selfies: a manifestation of our true-self?

Welcome folks! We have successfully reached Selfiestan- the land of virtual bliss. Kudos to the front cameras for making this possible! With the rise of social media, selfies populate our camera rolls, Instagram feeds, dating profiles, and now, even vocabularies. The selfie game is so strong that the word “selfie” has even come to be recognized in the Oxford dictionary.  Not only that, it has also earned the coveted “word of the year” title in 2013. Everywhere we look, people are snapping or clicking selfies and capturing moments instantaneously. Even the world’s most popular celebrities have jumped on this bandwagon. The selfies have now turned into permanent fixtures in our culture itself. But why do we need pictures with pouty faces and crazy expressions? Well, experts believe that the selfie poses reveal quite a lot about one’s personality. To discover some interesting facts through the means of your filtered lenses, read on!

  1. Pouty much?
    With lips pressed together and cheeks sucked in, the duck face or the famous ‘pout’ is considered the best of all the selfie poses! But in reality, a person is probably moody or sulky if they are pouting. This is so because pouts tend to express one’s displeasure or annoyance. As per the psychological analysis, that “duck face” or the “pouty-lipped expression correlates positively with neuroticism. A November 2015  study in Computers in Human Behavior’ found that the neurotic people are anxious, pessimistic, insecure and emotionally unstable. In a Reddit thread, a user theorized that the expression acts as a purposely over-the-top caricature of glamour. Seems like our famous duck face is actually a mask to hide unsettling emotions, huh?
  1. Bring on the laughter and chuckles!
    Do you love a good ‘candid laugh‘? Well, then you’re likely to be open to new experiences! If you love to laugh, you are a pretty cheerful person. You are usually laughing away even when the cameras go snap! You are friendly and love to interact with new people. You are also a great company to be with. Moreover, you don’t shy away from people. Well, you can keep laughing and smiling because not every pose brings out a psychological disorder. Besides, life is so much better when you are laughing your worries away, right?
  1. Prolonged eye contact?
    If you look directly at the camera while taking selfies, then your confidence level is perceived equal to a 100%. You are a good and influential leader. A steady eye contact represents your composite nature and how you like to get your point across people. Without eye contact, the whole mood of the image changes. So, if you are one of those people who look straight into the camera during a snapshot, you are a fearless and positive person. Equipped with confidence, your steadfast personality scores high on the meter!
  1. Let’s work on the quirk!
    Love to spice up the frame with weird and funny poses? With things like stick-out-the tongue poses and facial distortion, the selfies have incorporated all kinds of facial expressions. The quirky poses make the pictures interesting and amusing. If you like striking up such antics, you are definitely a showstopper in the parties. You also like to think differently than the regular mumbo jumbo and hence- the quirky faces!
  1. Worldview? More like wide
    A study in ‘Computers in Human Behavior’ (November 2015) revealed that the people who tend to click wide angle selfies making the location as the object are high on conscientiousness.  This conscientiousness is a part of the big five personality traits. It represents the organization, purposeful action, self-discipline, and a drive to achieve. But not only this, if you are concerned about capturing your surroundings, you are also likely to be a show-off of sorts. You might want to declare to the world about your travel expeditions. Or, you might also want to show your activities to the people. You want your experiences to inspire and influence people. Thus, you want the world to view those wideangled shots of your exploits.
  1. No backgrounds, please!
    Some of you might also have a “no background in selfie” policy. This trait reveals that you value your private space. It is certainly not a bad thing if you like your privacy. In this digital age, everybody is so intent on sharing their ‘precious moments’ with the world that they forget to keep a check on their private space. Though, sometimes, your ‘no background rule’ might also be due to a clutter of mess or the bathroom walls or a garbage dump behind you. The selfies just keep getting ‘innovative’, eh?
  1. Can selfies too have their highs and lows?
    Let’s be honest, we all are aware of the best way to capture our faces at a good angle. That “angle” is usually the high position of the camera. This position will give you a toned and timeless look. Getting a little narcissistic, are we? Nonetheless, this angle makes your eyes look big and your faces more chiseled. A little self-obsession can be dealt with, but these high selfies sure do give you a good vantage point. This angle also represents your methodical nature. After the highs come to the lows. If you hold your camera low, you show traits of agreeableness. You are a compassionate person with a shy and modest exterior. But you have the solution for everyone’s needs. So, good going folks!

Do you ever feel like Leonardo Da Vinci sitting down to capture the Mona Lisa? Well, these selfies and pictures do take a lot of effort and clenching of the facial muscles. But all of these poses ultimately reveal an undiscovered side of your personality. You might have read Kim Kardashian’s book on selfies, but your go-to pose is a reflection of your inner self. However, this doesn’t mean we are powerless pawns to these traits and psychological analyses. Rather, it means that if we understand how these dynamics work, we gain power over them and can wield them to our own advantage. This time, all you have to do is stop running behind the perfect pose or picture. Perfection is just a myth, you see.

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