Shocking : Five thousand people of this village share the same birth date! Is it possible that these people from Madhya Pradesh were born on the same date?

Can all the residents of a village share the same birthday? They can, at least according to their Aadhaar cards.

If you came to know that around 5000 people living in the village around you are born on the same date, what would you think? Well it sounds very shocking and surprisingly impossible. Well, its true that approx 5000 people share the same date of birth,not naturally but according to their Aadhaar card. Everybody’s birth date on the Aadhaar card of five thousand people living in five villages of Palsoda, Fatehnagar, Jeetpuria, Devpura and Bhopalganj in Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh is 1st January, due to which people are facing problem to take benefits from government services. The total population of these five villages is 7 thousand, in which about 80 percent of the people have their birth date in the Aadhar card.

Puran Singh Rajput, a resident of Palsoda village, complained that he has a valid birthdate on all his official documents and wrong on the Aadhar card. Because of which Puran Singh has not been able to take advantage of those schemes in which the government has said it is necessary to link the Aadhaar card. Puran Singh Rajput described the mistake of the Aadhar Kendra as responsible for this mistake. Actually, no birthdays were written on the form of Aadhar cards, due to which online systems have automatically added these birth dates.

Kamlesh Prajapati, a government employee, said that to correct these mistakes, they can go to the monthly camps of Aadhar cards. It can take about 2 to 7 days to recover the information of Aadhaar card. One person in the village, Samarth Sen, says that it is very difficult to correct the information of Aadhaar card because the camp already has a huge crowd. Therefore, the administration should setup a base camp within the village as this mistake is done by the government, due to which many people are facing difficulties and are upset.

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