Sonu Nigam castigates about being woken up by Islamic Azaan when he is not a Muslim

Popular Indian singer Sonu Nigam posted some eyebrow-raising tweets this morning on Twitter about being woken up by ‘Azaan’ when he is not a Muslim. He described the situation as a ‘forced religiousness’ in India.

Azaan is an Islamic prayer call which is called by the muezzin from the mosque five times a day.

He described this waking up as ‘gundagardi’ and questioned why do people who do not follow any religion have to be woken by using electricity. He added that neither should temples and gurdwaras should wake up people using loud noises either.

His tweets were responded to quickly, many calling him an anti- Muslim and others agreeing with him. People have also pointed out that he has spoken about the use of loudspeakers in the morning and has not attacked Muslims.

While a few tweeters demanded a ban on loudspeakers following his tweet, one reminded him how he himself has sung for Jjagrataas while climbing the ladder of his music career.

His tweets have opened a wide debate and people are pouring in their thoughts.

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